The Cybot Godzilla


In the early 80s, Godzilla appeared long gone. Godzilla only lived on my TV screen and in my heart. And then the earth shook when the return of Godzilla was announced on the local news. That December of 1984, I found Rocketships & Accessories which was celebrating Godzilla’s 30th Birthday hyping up the Big G’s return! While I had to wait to see Godzilla’s return in 1985, my eyes were fixed upon the small Godzilla 1984 collection I was amassing with every visit to my favorite toy shop. Cybot Godzilla was featured prominently across the movie promotional items, collectibles and memorabilia. While I was happy Godzilla was back, I was not a fan of the mesmerizing mechanical monster and the return of Godzilla as a bad guy. But I loved my 1984 merch, my books, posters, and especially my 6-inch Bandai Godzilla 1984 figure which had been the closest representation of Cybot Godzilla until now. I still obsess over the collectibles from the 1984 Godzilla boom.

Godzilla 1984 covers featuring the Cybot

Godzilla 1984 merch featuring the Cybot

The Cybot was the brainchild of Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, who had a vision for the 4.8-meter computer-controlled robot Godzilla, which would become a big selling point for Godzilla’s revival. The 105-million yen Cybot weighed 1 ton, covered in urethane rubber skin over a metal skeleton. Although only its upper body appears on screen, its main purpose was to show off the details of Godzilla’s neck and mouth actions.1 Cybot was based upon a clay prototype made by Nobuyuki Yasumaru. To bring Godzilla to life in ways not possible with a suit, the latest technology was deployed by Shunichi Mizuno.2 The name “Cybot” is a combination of “cybernetics” and “robot.”3

Godzilla 1984 Japanese Poster
Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka interviewed in front of Cybot
Cybot Godzilla and Actress Yasuko Sawaguchi

Photos: 1) Godzilla 1984 Japanese poster, 2) Director Tomoyuki Tanaka interview in front of the Cybot, and 3) Actress Yasuko Sawaguchi stands with the Cybot.

Cybot was used for publicity and was popular among Japanese fans. He even co-starred in a TV show.4 Cybot even co-starred with The Checkers in TV “The Best Ten” program. After that, he disappeared noticeably, but “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah” was released in the winter of 1992, Cybot appeared in an outdoor promotion. Watch a news report of a Cybot exhibition in 1984 (Source: YouTube).

Actor Ken Tanaka with Cybot
Cybot at the Yurakucho Marion
Actress Yasuko Sawaguchi in front Cybot

Photos: 1) Actor Ken Tanaka and 2) Actress Yasuko Sawaguchi stands with the Cybot; 3) Cybot at the Yurakucho Marion (Photo: @ggrasperZX

Over the years various Godzilla 1984 kits and vinyl figures have been made. But the Cybot was not very well represented until 2018, when Monster Maker 28 released Cybot Godzilla resin kit sculpted by the exceptional sculptor Niwa Syunsuke. This kit was coveted and highly sought-after. But its cost (33,000 yen) and availability proved to be insurmountable for me to get it in my collection. And just owning the kit does not assemble the kit and cover the cost for shipping it to a kit builder. Along with many other collectors, I was hoping that X-Plus would do a vinyl release.

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Monster Maker 28 Godzilla 1984 Cybot Version (Source: )

Last year during my visit to X-Plus headquarters in Osaka, I asked President Gee-san if X-Plus had plans for creating the Cybot. He replied as he usually does (lol), “Just wait.” Hope was born in my heart. Then several months later, X-Plus announced a vinyl version of the Monster Maker 28 Godzilla 1984 Cybot under its Favorite Sculptors Line. Released just days ago, the Cybot is an amazing beautifully-sculpted figure towering over the average X-Plus 30cm figure. The Cybot was the perfect release for the 40th anniversary of the Return of Godzilla.

Now with the figure in hand, Cybot Godzilla was so worth the wait. The figure is everything I hoped it would be and more. This Cybot is a museum quality piece that should be in every Godzilla collection. The detail and texture have been well captured from the resign prototype. The figure captures all the feels and nostalgia of 1984. Cybot popped right out of my books onto my shelf and into my camera lens. Check out my celebratory Cybot shot.