About Cybot Godzilla


About Cybot Godzilla


When it comes to Godzilla in 1984, the first thing that comes to mind for many people is the muscular Cybot Godzilla. It was a giant Godzilla with a height of 4.8 meters and was advertised as full-body computer controlled, but perhaps because his body shape was so different from the suit used in the main story, he hardly appeared in the actual play.


He was a popular thing which was sent out here and there as a presence for publicity. During this time, he co-starred with The Checkers in “The Best Ten,” to the delight of Godzilla fan Fumiya.


After that, he disappeared noticeably, but in the winter of 1992, when “Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah” was released, he appeared in front of the Shibuya SEED building. Of course, it was aimed at the advertising effect of the new work. Furthermore, as part of the promotion, everything was put up for auction. The success or failure of the auction is unknown, but if there is anyone who says “I was the one who won the bid on Cybot Godzilla,” please contact the editorial department.


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