Collect All Monsters is a new Kaijucast production on YouTube dedicated to kaiju toys. Each month, our special team of Monster Collectors record a special live episode from their four respective corners of the earth. We cover new releases, special topics, and perhaps some special guests might be joining us for the broadcasts. Collect All Monsters explores the Kaiju toy boom that’s happening today, featuring lively discussions from these avid collectors, with special segments produced for the program. Starring Leslie P. Chambers (Leslie Chambers Kaiju Reviews), Christine Chapin (GojigirlX), David Dopko (@dedopko), John Ruffin (, and Kyle Yount (Kaijucast)

Episode Interviews & Extras

CAM Chat with Steve Harron

CAM Chat with Andy Peters

CAM Chat - Steve "Coach Fury" Holiner

CAM Chat with Jon Bumpus of

CAM Chat with Corey Cromer

CAM Minisode 01 Premium Bandai King Ghidorah 1964