Last year ended on a high note with the premiere episode of the new live show Collect All Monsters! Collect All Monsters explores the Kaiju toy boom that’s happening today, featuring lively discussions from these avid collectors, with special segments produced for the program. Collect All Monsters is the new project by Kyle Yount of the popular Kaijucast podcast. Kaijucast celebrated its 10th anniversary last year and recorded its final episode just weeks ago. Kyle wanted to keep it going but with a new focus and a new format. The new focus will be collectibles and the new format is live broadcast. Kyle extended an invitation to me along with three other hosts to join him in his new endeavor. I am truly honored and excited about the show! Please join us live on YouTube each broadcast as we celebrate collecting all things kaiju! Episode 0 was recorded on December 28th. Enjoy Episode 0 below, subscribe and follow us!