MyKaiju 2019 Calendar

MyKaiju 2019 Calendars

Dress up your wall with the MyKaiju Toy Photography Calendar. There are two calendar offers this year: Showa Kaiju Portraits and Heisei Kaiju. Each is beautiful 12-month calendar customized with important Godzilla movie dates and actor/actress birthdays.

MyKaiju 2019 Calendar - Showa Kaiju Edition

MyKaiju 2019 Calendar - Heisei Kaiju Edition

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Movies & Actors

8 x 11 inches



12-month spiral 8×11 wall calendar printed by and customized with original MyKaiju Toy Photography. As the year goes by celebrate Godzilla from the Showa to the Shin Godzilla era.

MyKaiju 2019 Calendar - Showa Kaiju Edition