MyKaiju Theatre

Welcome to MyKaiju Theater! Here you can watch my collection of classic Super 8 Godzilla movies. Growing up we were fortunate to watch Godzilla on television. But we didn’t have any way to keep Godzilla on our TV set until the advent of video taper recorders (VCR). In the interim we have View-Master reels and Super 8 mm films. Although my family had a 8mm camera and projector I didn’t have any Godzilla movies. Ken Films offered them in advertisements that ran in Famous Monsters of Filmland. But they never made it to my house only in my dreams. Now, with the accessibility of those vintage films along with 8 mm digitizers, I can now enjoy these short films at home and share them with you.

Godzilla All Monsters Assemble! Super 8 Color Movie with cassette tape (ゴジラオール怪獣集合せよ! Super 8 Color Movie カセットテープ付, 東宝大怪獣8ミリ映画)
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