Issue 2 Extra • Fall/Winter 2019
MyKaiju Magazine Issue No. 2

Issue 2 is a celebration of the Godzilla Showa Era across 144 pages set between English and Japanese covers. Below is supplemental content, galleries, videos, sources, resources, links and more.

Lucky Dragon No. 5

The story of the Lucky Dragon No. 5 is a tragedy. Its history, message and lessons must be shared with every generation around the world. Additional Videos: Operation Castle (1954), Ben Shahn, Lucky Dragon No. 5 (第五福竜丸) Film

Books: The Day the Sun Rose in the West: Bikini, the Lucky Dragon, and I (University of Hawaii Press: May 31, 2011) by Matashichi Oishi, Kuboyama and the Saga of the Lucky Dragon (New York: Thomas Yoseloff, 1965) by Ben Shahn.

Articles: Bikini Atoll nuclear test: 60 years later and islands still unliveable and Lucky Dragon 5 And The Terrifying Truth That Inspired GODZILLA, Godzilla and the Bravo Shot: Who Created and Killed the Monster?

Exhibits: 大きいゴジラ、小さいゴジラ “Big Godzilla, Small Godzilla” by Nagasawa Hideyuki for Lucky Dragon No. 5 exhibition in 2015.

Godzilla Showa Books
The Dragon's Lair

Visiting the Lucky Dragon No. 5 was a sacred experience. Every Godzilla fan who travels to Japan should go. Remember the members of her crew and the meaning and origin of our favorite kaiju.

Official Site of The Lucky Dragon No. 5 Exhibition Hall

Godzilla Showa Base in Ario Yao

Godzilla Show Base in Osaka was my first Godzilla event experience in Japan. On display were original Godzilla suits and props. The Godzilla Store was there too! Visit the event page.

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Godzilla Places

My 2019 Japan trip took me to many Godzilla places captured in the video above. Check out other Godzilla Places: Godzilla 1954, Godzilla 1955, Godzilla 1962, Godzilla 1964, and more

Art & Work of Masami Yamada

Masami Yamada (マサミ ヤマダ) is an accomplished writer, who has written many Godzilla books since the late 70s. He is also modeler of amazing Godzilla and kaiju figures and prototypes. Check out my Masami Yamada book collection. Read out his classic Definitive Godzilla Introduction. See promotional with Godzilla dating and playing guitar.

Watch Iron Duke (1988) Art Masami Yamada


This issue is dedicated to the late great Mr. Godzilla Haruo Nakajima.
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