Box Daze

Welcome to the MyKaiju Box Day page. Please check back from time to time to see the latest collectible deliveries. Every month is full of box days. And theses boxes are loaded with books, figures, grails, and more. This is page is here to chronicle them as they come in.

  • Godzilla 1954 Article

    A piece of 1954 history.

  • Gojira 1954 Magazine Ad

    A page from a magazine worth having.

  • Godzilla Illustrations

    185-paged Godzilla Illustrations「ゴジラ•イラストレーションッズ」

  • Newspaper announcing Eiji Tsuburaya’s Death

    The Tuesday, January 27, 1970, edition of The Chunichi Sports newspaper

  • From 1995

    Finding original paper pieces of Godzilla

  • Shin Godzilla Holy Land Pilgrimage Booklet

    This is a perfect guide to Shin Godzilla locations.

  • New Godzilla Tickets

    Big ticket hall brings me closer to a complete collection.

  • Cassette 8 Movie

    Released decades ago in Japan by Nomura Toy

  • Yuji Kaida’s Super Godzilla Picture Book

    A collection of the Monster Drawer's work like none other.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Godzilla vs Kong

    Picked up this cool book on the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong.