Box Daze

Welcome to the MyKaiju Box Day page. Please check back from time to time to see the latest collectible deliveries. Every month is full of box days. And theses boxes are loaded with books, figures, grails, and more. This is page is here to chronicle them as they come in. Keep scroll to see more!

  • Godzilla and Godzilla Raids Again Novels

    The original novels translated for English readers

  • X-Plus Yuji Sakai Godzilla 2000 Prototype

    A beautiful design and sculpt by Yuji Sakai

  • Toho Ultimates Shogun Godzilla

    A miniature as impressive as the original

  • X-Plus 25cm MechaGodzilla

    Another Mechanical Marvel

  • Big Comic Original Godzilla

    An amazing collection of Godzilla comics

  • Sonorama Godzilla vs Hedorah

    Gotta keep the records coming

  • Godzilla vs Destoroyah LaserDisc

    The final chapter in the Heisei Series