From the 1984 Godzilla Boom


I have become obsessed with everything 1984 and the toy boom of Godzilla’s return. I’m now on the lookout for every Godzilla collectible from that glorious year. And I think my friend Kevin, over at The House of Fun, knows it. He gifted me this awesome Godzilla Still Card Set (ゴジラスチールセット).

Inside is a collection of 24 color scene stills (カラー名場面スチール24枚). Each card is about 10.5 x 7.5 inches (B5 size). On the back of each card is a “cinestory” (シネストーリー). The cards include a Godzilla movie list (ゴジラ作品リスト), an mechanical illustration of the Godzilla Cybot (メカ図解), and details about the making of Godzilla 1984 (メイキング•オブ•ゴジラ).

The set also includes a cool Godzilla Yasuko Sawaguchi Poster (ゴジラ・沢口靖子ポスター). Sawaguchi-san played Naoko Okumura (奥村 尚子) in the film. This handsome set is a Shonen KING New Year Extra Edition (少年KING新年大増刊), published by Shonen Gahosha (少年画報社). It retailed for 680 yen. A similar but bigger set of 16 color pictures, called “The Godzilla: Special Poster Book” (ザ ゴジラ スペシャルポスターボック), was also released.

A big thanks to Kevin for hooking me up with this awesome set from 1984. I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and friendship. Please check out Kevin’s House of Mysterious Secrets (Instagram).