Godzilla 7-inch Single Collection


Music marks the holiday season. What would Christmas be without Christmas music. The same can be said for Godzilla. When Christmas, music and Godzilla come together they make something wonderful. With vinyl records on a decades-long comeback, there have been several great Godzilla album releases this year: the 18-album Godzilla Showa Collection from Waxwork Records and Mondo’s sound track releases of The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla vs Destoroyah (1995). In Japan, Universal Music Group released the Godzilla 7-inch Single Collection (ゴジラ 7inchシングル・コレクション 限定盤 / 9枚組 Analog), containing nine discs with old classic and sound tracks never before released on vinyl. My great friend Eric gifted me this beautiful set for Christmas.

The set includes: Disc 1: Mr Godzilla / Our Anguirus (ゴジラさん/うちのアンギラス), Disc 2: Monster Zero March / Monster Zero (怪獣大戦争マーチ/怪獣大戦争), Disc 3: Monster March / “Punpunpun” (怪獣マーチ/プンプンプン), Disc 4: Save the Earth (かえせ! 太陽 (Part 1-3), かえせ! 太陽を (Part 1-3 Off vocal version)), Disc 5: Godzilla March / Defeat Gigan (ゴジラマーチ/やっつけるガイガン), Disc 6: Punch with Godzilla and Jet Jaguar Punch, Punch, Punch, Defeat Megalon (ゴジラとジェットジャガーでパンチ•パンチ•パンチ, メガロをやっつける), Disc 7: Miyarabi’s Prayer / Defeat Mechagodzilla (ミヤラビの祈り/メカゴジラをやっつける), Disc 8: Mothra’s Song / Holy Spring (モスラの歌/聖なる泉), Disc 9: EM20_rhythm_GZM / Organizational Preparation, Black Angels (FOB_10_1211) / Operation Preparation, Space War / “Space War” / Operation Yashiori (EM20_rhythm_GZM/組織準備, Black Angels (FOB_10_1211)/作戦準備, 宇宙大戦争/「宇宙大戦争」/ヤシオリ作戦).

This limited edition box set traces the history of Godzilla music from the release of Mr. Godzilla in 1955 to Shin Godzilla in 2016. These hard-to-find seven Showa singles are faithfully reproduced along with their gorgeous original art and illustrations. This is a must-have for every Godzilla album collector. 2021 has been the year for Godzilla albums. The package size is small (19.5 x 19.4 x 2.6 cm) and will fit on any shelf.

Each disc is set within a paper sleeve accompanied by a double-sided paper jacket with the album art or photography. It would have been better if each single had a cardboard jacket with the art printed on it. But the nine discs sit well within their protective box. Here is a sample from the Shin Godzilla vinyl. Pardon my low-end record player.

Vinyl records have some advantages over CDs and digital music. Many of us who grew up with vinyl albums. Today, playing albums again is a wonderful experience of nostalgia. There is something special about the experience of playing records.