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The next trip to Japan is now two months weeks out! Trip plans and itinerary are starting to come together. The time leading up to departure is just as enjoyable, imagining where to go, what to do, and what to see. Godzilla events always seem to happen before I get there. But I’m so grateful for another trip and the opportunity to live Japan. I created this big blue box to blog about all things concerning my next trip. If you wish to go to Japan, start planning your trip. Dreams do come true. My 30th anniversary trip to Tokyo corresponds with those of the Godzilla movies released in 1964, 1974, 1984, 2004 and 2014. Although Okinawa and Nagoya are is out of reach on this trip, I’m going to hit up some Godzilla places from those films and some not on this list. Can you guess where I’ll go? Enter my trip contest!

Tokyo Summer (Photo by Ryo Yoshitake on Unsplash)
Nakagusuku Castle Ruins as seen in Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla (1974)

Trip News

Godzilla Places I Gotta See

An Okinawa Dream Trip

MechaGodzilla 50th Anniversary LogoToday I answered the siren call from a princess on a remote island. I’ve been summoned to Okinawa! After years of trying to visit the iconic locations Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla (1974), my dream is coming true. With very affordable airline tickets and hotel rooms I’m on my way for a 3-day trip to the home of Princess Nami of the Azumi Royal Family and the protector god King Caesar and to the secret base of the Aliens from the Third Planet of the Black Hole. All I need now is a cruise on the Sunflower and Queen Coral! Happy 50th Birthday MechaGodzilla! I’m coming to see ya! My Must-See Godzilla Places 6.8.2024

My Godzilla Places

Boldly going where ever fan should go

Every tourist in Japan makes a list of must-see destinations. And there’s so m much to see in Japan. As Godzilla fans we make our lists too. Since 2016 I’ve made it a top-line item to visit Godzilla places. I’ve clock some travel time and racked up some miles and memories to stand in Godzilla crossings. Here are some of my favorite shots. Can you identify each movie location? See more Godzilla Places 5.24.2024

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    Kamakura Museum (2018) of Literature in Shin Godzilla (2016)

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    Tama River and Maruko Bridge (2019) in Shin Godzilla (2016)

  • gallery-item

    Kobe Port Tower (2003) in Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla (1994)

  • gallery-item

    Yurakucho Center Building (2019) in Godzilla (1984)

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    Twin 21 Osaka (2019) in Godzilla vs Biollante (1989)

  • gallery-item

    Osaka Castle (2018) in Mothra vs Godzilla (1964)

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    Matsumoto Castle (2012) in Ghidorah The Three-Headed Monster (1964)

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    Nomikawa Shinbashi (2018) in Shin Godzilla (2016)

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    Wako Building in Ginza (2019) in Godzilla (1954)

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    National Diet Building (2019) in Godzilla (1954)

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    Fujimi Park (2023) in Godzilla vs Gigan (1972)

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    Aqua City, Odaiba (2003), in Godzilla vs Megaguirus (2000)

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    Shinjuku Sumitomo Building (2003) in Godzilla (1984)

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    Mt Fuji (1999) in Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla (1974)

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    Lake Ashi (1999) in Godzilla vs Biollante (1989)

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    Tokyo Station (2019) in Shin Godzilla (2016)

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    Mt Hachiman (2023) in Godzilla (1954)

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    Kata Jinja Shrine (2023) in Godzilla (1954)

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    Kamakura Street (2018) in Shin Godzilla (2016)

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    Onarimachi (2018) in Shin Godzilla (2016)

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    Kamakura Seaside (2018) in Shin Godzilla (2016)

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    Inamuragasaki (2018) in Shin Godzilla (2016)

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    Kitashinagawa (2018) in Shin Godzilla (2016)

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    Kitashinagawa (2018) in Shin Godzilla (2016)

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    Nagoya Castle (2018) in Mothra vs Godzilla (1964)

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    Blue Box House (2023) in Godzilla vs Megalon (1973)

JR Rail Pass

Tokyo, Everywhere & Beyond

I’ve decided to purchase a JR Rail Pass. I’m not sure if I’m going to more than two locations outside of Tokyo, but the rail pass cost will cover those trips and allow me to go elsewhere as my plans change. I was reluctant because the rail pass prices have gone up exponentially. But it is a good investment nevertheless. I secured my rail pass this morning. It left a big hole in my wallet but it will save a lot of money in travel costs. Spend now and save a lot later.

Godzilla appears in Nagoya's night view

Godzilla Back In Nagoya

I’m a little more than a month out from my trip and everyday brings more focus and excitement about the trip details. Nagoya will have its own nighttime Godzilla projection on Chubu Electric Power Mirai Tower from June 20 through September. Nagoya is a well-known battle scene for Godzilla and Mothra in 1964 and Battra in 1992. Nagoya was my home for about a year. I have good friends there. I still do design work in support of the school where I lived on its roof for three months. Last year I took a walk through the neighborhood to recapture the memories from 10 years ago.

A Lucky Button

In 2018, I met the not-so Lucky Dragon No 5 still preserved in Tokyo. It is a must-see. I was doing some Saturday cleaning and stubble across the wonderful button I brought as a keepsake. In 2017, it was created for the 70th anniversary of the construction of the wooden boat Daigo Fukuryu Maru. Learn More 5.25.2024

Daigo Fukuryu Maru button
travel bag with my godzilla

The Essentials

After so many trips to Japan, I figured out my essentials that fit in one carry-on travel bag that really works well for short trips. I hate waiting for bags at baggage claim when I arrive in Japan. I’m ready to roll out. In the first issue of MyKaiju magazine I created my Japan Essentials guide that I still travel by. If you are going to Japan for the first time, don’t overpack. My first trip I took clothes I had never used. Don’t make my mistake 🙂

A Ticket to Space

My Godzilla vs Space Godzilla (1994) ticket stubNASA flew a test flight into space yesterday. Thirty years ago on December 17, 1994, I took off for Japan to see Godzilla vs Space Godzilla in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. This is my first Godzilla movie ticket stub from Japan. My first trip was a rite of passage and a life-changing experience. Learn More 6.7.2024

My Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla (1994) movie ticket

My Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla (1994) ticket

My Travel Apps

  • Google Maps
  • Google Translate
  • Balance
  • HappyCow
  • JapanTravel
  • JapanTravel

Never Leave Home Without Them

There are apps you can’t go without during travel. For me these apps are essential for Japan. Airline apps give you all flight information at your fingertips. Google Maps picks up when you land with all the transportation options and accurate time schedules. The Balance app will get me in and out of the subway station more efficiently. Read More 6.10.2024

Trip Itinerary

  • Wonder Fest
  • 特撮のDNA
  • Godzilla Head
  • Godzilla Store
  • Godzilla Theater
  • Okinawa
  • Godzilla Places
  • Setagaya Museum
  • Toho Studios
  • Nakano Broadway
  • Yokohama
  • CoCo Ichibanya

Japan Travel List

  • Passport
  • Visit Japan Web
  • Travel Belt
  • Travel Documents
  • Travel Insurance
  • JR Rail Pass
  • MyKaiju backpack
  • Summer Shorts
  • Summer Hat
  • Travel Notifications
  • Contact Friends
  • Itinerary
  • Packing

Travel Insurance

As soon as I purchased my flight I sought out travel insurance. But the link was broken on the site. Since I’ve checked back to see if it was working. But it was not. So I called and set up the policy. You want to make sure to buy insurance so you can get a refund if there are unforeseen issues. 6.6.2024

"Where's MyKaiju?" Contest

“Where’s MyKaiju?” Contest

I’m headed to a secret Showa Godzilla movie location in Tokyo where I’ve never been before. If you can correctly guess the location, I’ll bring you back some Godzilla -1.0 stuff from the Godzilla Store in Tokyo. Email the correct answer. Place “MyKaiju Contest” in the subject line. Here is a sample answer: “Alien headquarters in Godzilla vs MechaGodzilla.” Multiple submissions allowed. Only one can win. The winner must live within the continental U.S. Start 6.7 End 7.23.2024

Submit your answer

Tickets to 特撮のDNA

Trip News

Tokusatsu Tickets

Yes, she got’em, tickets to Tokusatsu DNA! The trip itinerary is coming together. I’ve been missing out on this exhibit since leaving Nagoya in 2014. Ten years later I know it will be worth the wait. Thank you Yuu-san! You are a blessing! 6.3.2024

Tokyo Philly (Photo by Kenn Bui)
Tokyo Philly (Photo by Kenn Bui)

A Special Story

Tokyo Philly

I’ve added some new Godzilla places-to-go in Tokyo but also a really cool place close to home. My neighbor sent me an Instagram post featuring Nihonbashi Philly owned by Kosuke and Tomomi Chujo who visited Philly and inspired by our cheesesteaks and sports culture to open their shop back home. Although I’m a vegetarian I will come by and say hello. It’s in the same neighborhood as my hotel too! Learn More 5.25.2024

My Japan Rail Pass Voucher

Ordered Friday, arrives three days later on Monday. This is my Japan Rail Pass voucher I will exchange for the real thing upon arrival at the airport in Japan. 6.10.2024

An Island Hotel

Does this hotel look familiar? Upon disembarking from the Queen Coral Keisuke Shimizu and Saeko Kanagusuku with the King Caesar statue made reservations at the (now former) Naha Tokyu Hotel. I’ve also made reservations at the new Naha hotel for my upcoming trip to Okinawa. 6.8.2024

It’s Arrived!

sample passportMy new passport is on its way! I was getting nervous that it would take 8 weeks rather than 3 to 4. But my check was cashed and yesterday I received the notification. Update: My new passport is finally in hand! Pricey renewal but a must for Japan. I’m grateful!

My Top 10 Go-To Godzilla Movies

  • Godzilla 1954
  • No 9
  • No 8
  • No 7
  • No 6
  • No 5
  • No 4
  • No 3
  • No 2
  • No 1

These are the Godzilla movies I can watch anytime and all the time on a loop. They are my comfort food. Some are fun and others are cerebral. If I’m not watching them, I’m listening to them. The Showa Godzilla era is special. At the top of my go-to list right now is Godzilla vs Gigan (1972) but Godzilla’s Revenge (1969) is overtaking it. This movie captures the childhood memories of many Godzilla fans who grew up in the 70s and 80s. Over time new ones come and others go. Here’s my daily countdown. What are yours? And why?


Toho Daikaiju series Godzilla (1962) Classic Color Version
Toho Daikaiju series Godzilla (1962) Classic Color Version (Art by MyKaiju)

Toho Daikaiju Series Godzilla (1962)

Introducing X Plus North America’s debut exclusive: the Godzilla (1962) figure, now with the classic toy paint scheme! This nostalgic toy brings the king of monsters to life with striking colors that fans will recognize from the vintage Godzilla toys. Congratulations Jeremy (Summit Kaiju) on the launch of X-Plus North America! Pre-order Yours Now! 6.6.2024

“I hesitate to say this to such a Godzilla purist, but I’m watching Godzilla Minus One and I think it may be the best one I’ve ever seen. Never been a huge fan, however.”
From my cousin Ramon

Godzilla Minus One is Everywhere!

What a glorious morning to wake up and see Godzilla -1.0 available on Netflix, Apple iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft, Fandango, inDemand, XBOX and more. Let’s enjoy! 6.1.2024

Godzilla Minus One on Netflix, Apple and more
Ultraman Lunch Box

Ultra Lunch Box

I love Ultraman and this new Ultraman lunch box was a must when I seen. The reds and gradients make this metal pop. Thanks Michael from The Vampire Robots. 6.5.2024


Book Corner

Godzilla & Toho Toksatsu Official Mook Vol 24

The Godzilla & Toho Toksatsu Official Mook Series

I love a good Godzilla book and I’ve got a ton of them. This series has been irresistible and I can’t stop collecting them now. I am missing a few but I’ll fill in the gaps when I get to Japan. After the release of the last issue, a reprint of the King Kong vs Godzilla (1962) script is supposed to be made available. There will be a scramble to get it. I may have to resort to Buyee Japan to get it. What books are you collecting? Do you buy Japanese Godzilla books? If not, you should. It’s an opportunity to learn Japanese. And there are many great language and translation tools available. Godzilla books can be found on Amazon Japan, Buyee Japan and Mandarake. 6.7.2024

My Record of G-1.0 box in Japan

It’s arrived but not quite

Purchased by my dear friend on my behalf, my copy of The Record of G-1.0 sits until shipping to its final destination, my hands. Thanks Yuu-san for making this happen for me. 5.28.2024

New Stuff

Tyrannosaurus Rex at Saga Prefectural Museum (Photo: おがわたかし@0gawatakashi)
Photo: @0gawatakashi

A Giant Dinosaur

This is the Tyrannosarus Rex Ishiro Honda stood beside at the National Science Museum (国立科学博物館) in Nagano, Tokyo during the filming of Frankenstein Conquers the World. A NHK program asked “Was this T-Rex statue one of the influences on the first Godzilla design?” Learn More 5.25.2024

Ichibansho Godzilla 2023 Godzilla Gołd Version

And the Winner Is

I got the Godzilla Oscar! My friend Eric pointed me to BigBadToyStore.com where the Ichibansho Godzilla 2023 Godzilla Gołd Version is now up for sale. Get Yours 5.29.2024

Kaiju Brooklyn Convention
Godzilla 1954 and 2023 art by Nick Shev

I’m headed to Brooklyn on Saturday June 1 with friends for kaiju fun at the second annual Kaiju Brooklyn convention put on by friend John Bellotti Jr of Robo7, who creates amazing Ultraman and kaiju illustrations for sale. Learn More 5.29.2024 Kaiju Brooklyn was a blast and success! I got to say hello for friends, vendors and missed some because of the crowds. And I brought home incredible Godzilla art by Nick Shev. 6.2.2024

Godzilla Composer Akira Ifukube

Happy Birthday Akira Ifukube
(5/31/1914 – 2/8/2006)

Watch Video

My Metal Man

Boys love their toys

I was all about toys growing up. In the 70s life revolved around Christmas and the catalog. Yesterday I found Radon from the Adventures of Metal Man by Zee Toys, a 3-3/4″ diecast figures just like my Christmas gift from my parent 40 years ago. 6.3.2024

News Snapshot

Godzilla Theater is Coming!

Godzilla is coming back to Japanese theaters from July to November. Godzilla (1954) will be screened at Toho Cinemas to celebrate his 70th anniversary. Godzilla is coming just in time for my next trip to Tokyo. This will be a Godzilla summer! Learn more 5.29.2024

Godzilla Theater at Toho Cinemas
Memorial Gathering for Kenpachiro Satsuma on Saturday, May 25 (Photo: 秋田英夫 @aitahide)

Satsuma Remembered

A memorial gathering for Godzilla suit actor Kenpachiro Satsuma was held on Saturday, May 25 (Photo: 秋田英夫 @aitahide)

Kenpachiro Satsuma Memorial program illustrated by Godzilla Artist Nishikawa
Kenpachiro Satsuma Memorial program illustrated by Godzilla Artist Nishikawa (Source: @MASH_nishikawa)
Illustration of Megumi Odaka, Kenpachiro Satsuma and Heisei Godzilla by Satsuma

A Great Duo

Heisei Godzilla actress Megumi Odaka shared her photo and story from the Kenpachiro Satsuma’s memorial service: “From the staff | Satsuma-san and Odaka | Godzilla vs. Series | Monster Planet Godzilla | 7 films | They have appeared in all of the films as Godzilla and Saegusa Miki | A great duo | Unique partners | At recent events, they shared happy times together as a great duo. | Comrades who have created something that has lasted through the ages.” My Satsuma’s art was based upon the photo she shared. 5.27.2024

Godzilla Cinema Concert

Godzilla Cinema Concert

Godzilla Cinema Concert and the World of Akira Ifukube Godzilla Cinema Concert will be held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Concert Hall on Sunday, August 11, 2024. Kaoru Wada and Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo will play along the full movie screening of Godzilla 1954 (Part 1) and Japanese Rhapsody, SF Monster Fantasy (Part 2). Adults ( ¥7800 & 9800) and children ( ¥4800 & 6800) Unfortunately, there’s no seat for me. I’ll leave Japan a week too early. Learn more 5.28.2024

New Godzilla Store Live Streaming Program

New Godzilla Store Live Streaming Program

The first episode of “Let’s start Goji Kastu (Godzilla Fan Activity)” began May 26 ighlighting The Record of G-1.0, Tokusatsu DNA event, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire Clear Meteor Blue (3630 yen), Godzilla (2024) Evolved Version Clear Glitter Pink (3520), Godzilla Store Movie Monster Series Godzilla (2013) Heat Ray Version (3740 yen), Godzilla Desktop Monster Mobile Stand (6600-7700 yen), Toho 30cm Series Yuji Sakai Collection Godzilla (2016) Ortho Version. Visit the Godzilla Store | Buyee Shop 5.26.2024

From the Godzilla Reader

The Story of the Birth of Godzilla book

Since I started translating the book The Story of Godzilla’s Birth, I’ve been blown away. But these words from Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka will never leave me: 『ゴジラ』は単なる娯楽映画でも、スペクタクル映画でもない。発想の時点ですでに、プロデューサーの田中友幸がいう「戦争・核兵器の恐怖」が深くからんでいた。田中自身の証言として、次のような言葉が残っている。「ゴジラというのは、水爆から生まれた怪獣でね。人類が自ら作ったもののために報復を受けるという、完全なメッセージ映画でしたね。」 “‘Godzilla’ is not just an entertainment film or a spectacle film. Even at the concept stage, it was deeply entwined with what producer Tomoyuki Tanaka called ‘the horrors of war and nuclear weapons.’ Tanaka himself left behind the following testimony: ‘Godzilla is a monster born from a hydrogen bomb. It was a movie with a perfect message: mankind is being punished for what they themselves created'” Read More (p 160). 5.24.2024