Godzilla and Jirass


Godzilla and Jirass

Mitsuda Sho


I liked science fiction movies, so I saw the first Godzilla movie at a movie theater in Sendai when I was 17, a second-year high school student. I was very impressed by the special effects scenes. I thought Godzilla was a monster that was truly monster-like. It was the origin of monsters, so to speak. And above all, it was an interesting movie, which is why it’s still popular even after 60 years.


I made Jirass appear in the 10th episode of “Ultraman,” which I directed, “The Mysterious Dinosaur Base,” but it wasn’t my wish to make Jirass out of Godzilla. In fact, I had never heard anything about Godzilla from directors Eiji Tsuburaya or Ishiro Honda, and I didn’t even know that director Hajime Tsuburaya was involved in Godzilla. That said, I was grateful that Haruo Nakajima played Jirass.

Source: 初代ゴジラ, p 284.