About the Shikine



Shikine [machine] “Godzilla”


A Chifuri-class patrol vessel with a total displacement of 490 tons belonging to the Japan Coast Guard. It was commissioned in 1952 and decommissioned in 1979. Its direct number was PM-22.


In Godzilla, it departed from Takeshiba Pier carrying the Odo Island disaster investigation team, including Dr. Yamane, Dr. Tanabe, Hideto Ogata, and Emiko. When Dr. Serizawa used the Oxygen Destroyer, the media was on board, and a GHK announcer gave a live report from the ship.


When the Eiko Maru and Bingo Maru sank at the beginning of the film, it also headed out to search with the patrol vessel Kouzu, but was unable to achieve any results.


A patrol vessel of the same name still exists in the Japan Coast Guard’s Third District, but this vessel was completed in 1979 and has the hull number PL-109. It is a different vessel from the Shikine that appeared in Godzilla.

Source: ゴジラ大辞典, p 141.