Another Tape


Yesterday I was searching through my many collectible containers in my basement and I found more tapes! Many older fans know how important audio cassette tapes were growing up watching Godzilla. Tapes were the only way to enjoy Godzilla after the movies ended on local television. There were no CDs, DVDs, nor Blu-rays. VCRs were just coming available. But we had the tapes!

Since the mid 70s I had a great tape collection. I had just about every Showa Godzilla movie recorded. I stored them in a shoe box. Then 1984 happened and Godzilla returned to the silver screen. It was the next Godzilla boom and I found Rocketships & Accessories. There I found two amazing vinyl records: Godzilla Theme Song Complete Works (ゴジラ主題歌大全集, ビクター/JBX2039, 音楽レビュー, 全16曲, 1984) and Ultra Monster Encyclopedia Ultraman Encyclopedia Series 3rd LP Record (ウルトラ怪獣大百科 ウルトラマン大百科シリーズ第3弾 LPレコード). I could enjoy my heroes on vinyl as well as on tape.

I immediately recorded the albums to audio cassette tape. The Godzilla album had music I had never heard before, like the “Battle of Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla” (ゴジラ対メカゴジラの戦い). With my albums on tape I could carry them everywhere I went using my SONY walkman. Well, I found that tape. Godzilla is one side and Ultraman on the other. The Godzilla album was later released on CD: Godzilla Songbook (ゴジラ・ソングブック). But the tracks and order do not match. Here is my Godzilla album digitized. Hope you enjoy!