X-Plus Toho Maniacs Godzilla Tower

The Perfect Piece for
Perfect Peace

The X-Plus Godzilla Tower


XPlus is a big part of my Godzilla collection. This Japanese company has added the suit-accurate Godzilla figures I could only dream of when I was growing up. Year after year X-Plus has delivered the goods collectors have been waiting for. And they’ve done it again after years of waiting, they listened to our requests and answered our prayers for a quality, affordable and accurate version of Godzilla Tower featured in Godzilla vs Gigan (1972). The Godzilla Tower (東宝マニアックスにゴジラタワーが登場) is the latest release in the X-Plus Toho Maniacs series (東宝マニアックス) that selects characters popular with fans and collectors but often have little available merch.

Godzilla Tower in Godzilla vs Gigan (1972)

Godzilla Tower was an observation tower modeled after Godzilla made by surviving alien cockroaches from M Space Hunter Nebula. The tower served as their secret headquarters to execute their plans for world invasion and domination ushering in their idea of “perfect peace.” Kubota, Secretary of World Children’s Land (played by Toshiaki Nishizawa) calls the tower “a very good idea” that served as a symbol and centerpiece of peace in their theme park. Reaching 50 feet in height the Godzilla doppelgänger concealed a lethal laser beam that brought Godzilla to the brink of death.

X-Plus Toho Maniacs Godzilla Tower [東宝マニアックスにゴジラタワーが登場] (Image Source: X-Plus)

Now X-Plus has brought the Godzilla Tower down to collectible size as a perfect piece for every collector’s shelf. Made of soft final and plastic rather than cement, Godzilla Tower is a perfect representation of a fan’s dream movie location. It comes with a replica balloon with a wire tie reaching above Godzilla’s head like the movie’s heroes used to escape the alien layer.

X-Plus Toho Maniacs Godzilla Tower
X-Plus Toho Maniacs Godzilla Tower
X-Plus Toho Maniacs Godzilla Tower
X-Plus Toho Maniacs Godzilla Tower

My X-Plus Toho Maniacs Godzilla Tower (東宝マニアックスにゴジラタワーが登場) with balloon and card

The Godzilla Tower has several well-known and sought-after collectibles, the Marmit Godzilla Tower (2004) available in several colorways and the CAST Godzilla Tower figurine, recently reissued for the film’s 50th anniversary. The former is a 9-inch stylized soft-vinyl (sofubi) recreation and the latter a 3.5-inch detailed sculpt made of resin. Both have pride-of-place in my Godzilla collection. But there was still a desire and empty shelf space for a more perfect Godzilla Tower with the scale of the sofubi and the detail of the resin figurine. And X-Plus has made the perfect piece.

X-Plus Toho Maniacs Godzilla Tower card
X-Plus Toho Maniacs Godzilla Tower balloon

My X-Plus Toho Maniacs Godzilla Tower card and balloon

The X-Plus 17cm tower has accurate proportions, great detail and a spot-on paint application. The scales and dorsal fins match Godzilla’s movie double. The design and detail of the escalator and staircase is done so well using opaque and transparent painted plastic parts matching the appearance of its eleven floors. I want to shrink down and climb those steps. “Godzilla Tower” (ゴジラタワー) is itched across the front just like in the movie. I had the privilege of learning about its production during my trip to X-Plus HQ last year. I knew then that this Godzilla Tower would be a winner in the Maniacs line, which has already delivered great figures (eg, Dr Serizawa, Matango and more). This tower is a must for every Godzilla collection and will be the center of attention on any display shelf. Godzilla figures will do a double-take. Collectors get your hands on it while you can while the affordable retail price is still available.