The Godzilla Tower


Obscure and odd are good words to describe what I found last week on Mandarake. It’s coveted and an hard-to-come-by Marmit vinyl. It’s the Godzilla Tower (ゴジラタワー) from Godzilla vs Gigan. The tower was a topic of conversation on the Facebook Godzilla Collectors Group. The post was a reminder that the tower was on my get-it-as-soon-as-you-see it list. And there it was for the taking.

Godzilla Tower ゴジラタワー
Marmit Godzilla Tower ゴジラタワー Yellow (Lucky Bag) Show Exclusive

The Godzilla Tower is one of those movie props every Godzilla fan wants. It was the early 70s and like everything from the 70s it was strange. But the Godzilla Tower could have been a clue to the future and final Godzilla foe of the Showa Era, MechaGodzilla. The tower was constructed by alien-invader cockroaches from the Space Hunter Nebula-M as a centerpiece of their World Children’s Land. Godzilla is outfitted with a lethal laser beam able to take the real Godzilla out.

Godzilla Tower ゴジラタワーGodzilla Tower ゴジラタワーGodzilla Tower ゴジラタワーGodzilla Tower ゴジラタワーGodzilla Tower ゴジラタワーGodzilla Tower ゴジラタワー

Marmit released this vinyl in 2004. It was offered as a mail-in and later as a special lucky bag (Source: Club Tokyo). The Tower is not a common but there are a few out there worthy having along with the Marmit. Cast produced a miniature version that’s beautiful and accurate. It’s just as hard to find.

I was surprised by its size (about 9 inches). It is a great companion with other Marmits and adds a great splash of color in a sea of charcoal grey. I would love to see the Godzilla Tower as a jungle gym set in a kids playground. Watch out Godzilla!