Holy Grail Tower


After many years of dreaming, hoping, and looking, I finally acquired one of my holiest grails, Godzilla Tower (ゴジラタワー (再販版)) by Cast. For Gigan’s 50th anniversary, Cast (formerly Iwakura) reissued this coveted resin ornament for sale at the Gigan 50 event (ガイガン生誕50周年企画 「ガイガン50(フィフティ)」) at Ikebukuro HUMAX Cinemas in Tokyo. When I saw Cast’s tweet, I knew if I was going to get the tower, I would have to search the internet persistently. I knew it would show up on Buyee Japan. On March 12, the day of Godzilla vs Gigan (1972) released, as I rose to prepare for the Collect All Monsters Gigan episode, a small voice in my head told me to go check Buyee. And I did, low and behold, there it was! And now, today, it is on display on my shelf.

The Cast Godzilla Tower is part of the Godzilla Special Effects Encyclopedia line that creates miniature figures of some of the most unique characters, places and things in the Godzilla franchise. This beautifully sculpted piece is a great representation of the best of Cast. This is by far the best of the few collectibles of Godzilla Tower that have been made.

Godzilla Tower is a great creation of the Showa Era. It is about 3 inches wide, 3.5 inches high and 4 inches long. It comes with the rescue balloon used by the film’s heroes to escape the tower. The history behind the creation of both Godzilla Towers is interesting and documented on an insert, reproduced and translated below.

Godzilla Special Effects Encyclopedia

レジンキャスト 彩色済 オーナメント
Resin Cast Colored Ornament

映画「地球攻撃命令 ゴジラ対ガイガン」より
From the movie “Godzilla vs. Gigan”

再販版 ゴジラ タワー
Resale version Godzilla Tower

TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. 材質/レジンキャスト 原型製作/中村亘
TM & © TOHO CO., LTD. Material / Resin cast Prototype production / Wataru Nakamura

※掲載の写真は原型サンプルです。 実際の商品とは形状や塗装などが異なります。

※ The photo shown is a prototype sample. The shape and painting are different from the actual product.

What is Godzilla Tower?

M宇宙ハンター星雲人は、世界子供ランド内に作られたゴジラと瓜二つの外見を持つゴジラタワーを本拠 地として、刻々と地球侵略を進めていた。 彼らはガイガンとキングギドラの両宇宙怪獣を地球に呼び寄せ、 破 壊の限りを尽くさせた。一方、 M宇宙ハンター星雲人の行動に気付いた小高源吾 (石川博)らは、 宇宙人の野望 を砕くべく、防衛隊と共にゴジラタワーの破壊を計画するのだった・・・。

The M Space Hunter Nebula Aliens were invading the Earth at that time, based the Godzilla Tower, which was built in the World Children’s Land, and has the appearance of Godzilla. They summoned both Gigan and King Ghidorah space monsters to Earth to destroy them. On the other hand, Gengo Odaka (Hiroshi Ishikawa) and others who noticed the behavior of the M Space Hunter Nebula aliens, planned to destroy the Godzilla Tower together with the defense team in order to destroy the alien’s ambitions.

ゴジラ映画第12作『地球攻撃命令 ゴジラ対ガイガン』 (72年)に登場するゴジラタワーは、侵略宇宙人が隠 れ蓑とする世界子供ランドのシンボルである。その創造には東宝特撮の造形部に所属し、彫刻を得意とするベテランの安丸信行が当たり、安丸にとっても会心の作品に仕上げられた。なお、本作では 『ゴジラ対メカゴジラ』(74年)より2年も早く、“ゴジラ対ゴジラ”の夢の対決を実現させている点についても注目されたい。 (中村哲) ※ 文中敬称略

The Godzilla Tower, which appears in the 12th Godzilla movie “Godzilla vs. Gigan” (1972), is a symbol of the World Children’s Land where the invading aliens hide. Nobuyuki Yasumaru, a veteran who belongs to the modeling department of Toho Tokusatsu and is good at sculpture, was the one who created it, and it was finished as a work of satisfaction for Yasumaru. It should also be noted that this work realizes the dream confrontation of “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla” two years earlier than “Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla” (1974).
(Tetsu Nakamura) ※ Honorific titles omitted in the text

ベリーなゴジラファンのお友達にお送りする「ゴジラタワー」遂に完成です。食玩時代に一度ラインナッ プの1つとして発表して以来幾星霜。 毎年のように原型に着手しながら、資料不足や技量不足でなかなか 完成に至らなかったこの商品ですが、なんとかライフワークにならずに済みました。もうちょっとで死ぬまで作り続けるところでした。これでようやく皆さんに「平和の精神」を学んでいただけます。

The “Godzilla Tower” to send to your friends who are Godzilla fans is finally completed. Since it was announced as one of the lineups once in the candy toy era, for many month and years. Although we started the prototype almost every year, it was difficult to complete this product due to lack of materials and skill, but we managed to avoid it becoming a life work. I was about to continue making it before I died. Now you can finally learn the “spirit of peace.”

このゴジラタワー、ご他聞に漏れず背面の写真資料が見つからず、 DVDの映像やら、かすかに俯瞰の横 向き写真をいろいろ眺めて、尻尾が「すべり台」のようなカタチになっていることを発見。裏付けを取るために当時造型を担当された安丸信行氏に尋ねてみましたら、「そこは憶えてないなあ」と微笑んでおられました。しかし、初めて手掛けた「ゴジラ」ということで愛着は深い造型物とのこと。安丸ゴジラの原点にして、70年代中野特撮のランドマーク、「ゴジラタワー」。背中はこれが正解がどうかはわからないままですが、ひとまず謹呈申し上げます。(藤村) ※2009年に書かれた解説文です。(一部改訂)

I couldn’t find the photo material on the back of this Godzilla tower, and I looked at various sideways photos of the DVD image and a faint bird’s-eye view, and found that the tail was shaped like a “slide.” discover. When I asked Mr. Nobuyuki Yasumaru, who was in charge of modeling at that time, to get support, he smiled, “I don’t remember that.” However, because he was the first to work on “Godzilla,” he is deeply attached to it. “Godzilla Tower,” a landmark of Nakano special effects in the 70’s, is the origin of Godzilla. I’m still not sure if this is the correct answer for my back, but I would like to express my gratitude for the time being. (Fujimura)

*This is a commentary written in 2009. (Partially revised)

※ 社内工房完全手生産商品
In-house workshop completely hand-made products

商品製作・販売: 大阪府寝屋川市清水町20-12 TEL. 072-829-7173
Product production and sales: 20-12 Shimizu-cho, Neyagawa-shi, Osaka TEL. 072-829-7173

株式会社キャスト Cast Co., Ltd.

《組立て方》《How to assemble》

※ お好みに応じて バルーンハーツを接着して劇中再現をお楽しみください。

Please enjoy the reproduction in the play by adhering balloon hearts to your liking.


■ パーツの不良・不足があった場合はお手数ですが弊社までご一報下さい。 取り急ぎ修理・補填対応させていただきます。

If any parts are defective or missing, please let us know. We will respond to repairs and compensation as soon as possible.

TEL. 072-829-7173 株式会社キャスト平日 11:00 ~ 16:00
[email protected]

※ お客様理由による破損・紛失については実費にて補修等承ります。

If the item is damaged or lost due to the customer’s reason, we will repair it at the actual cost.

※ ネットオークションなど、弊社や弊社が委託した販売店を介さない取引で入手された商品に ついては、有償対応または補修をお断りする場合がございます。

For products obtained through transactions that do not go through our company or the stores entrusted by us, such as online auctions, we may refuse to pay or repair.

■ 各パーツの強固な接着をご希望のお客様は、市販の瞬間接着剤等をご使用ください。 ■ 尖っていたり、細く折れやすいパーツ があります。組立て作業や保管は、小さなお子様の手が触れない場所で行って下さい。万一の怪我についても弊社は責任を負え ません。

Customers who want strong adhesion of each part should use commercially available instant adhesives. ■ Some parts are sharp or thin and easy to break. Assemble and store in a place that is out of the reach of small children. We are not responsible for any injuries.

If you love Godzilla vs Gigan, then you probably love Godzilla Tower. Then the Cast Godzilla Tower is for you and your collection if you can find one. Finding Godzilla Tower was worth the wait. And it was worthy of pursuit.