The Godzilla Computer War Game


The older Godzilla gets the more nostalgic I become and the more of my past and Godzilla’s history I want to remember. Back in the 80s and 90s, certain Godzilla collectibles were out of reach but were etched in my memory and as a result hold as special place in how I see Godzilla. On the back of one of my oldest Godzilla books, 3D怪獣全集: Monsters Catalogue in 3D, was a classic Bandai ad for its line of Godzilla and Ultraman vinyl figures along with games and remote control robots. It never failed to work up my desire for more stuff. I found and bought some items from my favorite shop Rocketships & Accessories. Others, I would find many years later. In the late 90s, Sean Linkenback’s An Unauthorized Guide to Godzilla Collectibles told me what I needed to know about my collection and all that was missing from it. Over the last year, I’ve comeback to his book to do research those missing items from my collection because they are more readily available today than over the last 30 years. Slowly, I’ve acquired select pieces that I couldn’t take my eyes off for many years ago. One such item I purchased recently after passing it by over and over again on until now. That collectible is the Bandai Godzilla Computer War Electronic Board Game (バンダイ ゴジラ コンピュータ•ウォーゲーム 03) released in 1984.

ゴジラ コンピュータ•ウォーゲーム Godzilla Computer War Game / CG Computer War•Game 03 // 東京壊滅か⁉︎ 恐怖の大怪獣ゴジラ、ついに復活。Is Tokyo destroyed? ⁉︎ Godzilla, the horrifying monster, is finally back. // 単3電池 / 2本使用(別売) / ● マイ•コン判定器 / ゴジラ出現!大都市を炎の地獄に変えて、死闘は続く…。東京を壊滅から救えるのは君だ!マイコン判定器を使ったスリリングなニュー•ゲーム!キングギドラ、モスラ、ラドンなど人気怪獣が登場する〝五大怪獣総進撃ゲーム〞もプレイできるぞ! AA batteries / Use 2 bottles (sold separately) / ● My Con Decision Device / Godzilla appears! Transforming a big city into a hell of fire, the death battle continues … You are the one who can save Tokyo from the destruction! A thrilling new game using a microcomputer judge! You can also play the “Five Great Monsters Total Advance Game” featuring popular monsters such as King Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan! // 8才〜大人向き / 1人以上用 / 8 years old-for adults / For 1 or more people // ©東宝・東宝映像 © Toho / Toho Video

This game was released when I was collecting my earliest Japanese Godzilla toys that included the classic Bandai vinyl figures of Godzilla (1962 and 1964) and MechaGodzilla (1974). My game is in pristine/mint condition and most if not all the inside contents had not been opened. It is virtually brand new.

CG Computer War•Game 03

ゴジラ Godzilla

© Toho / Toho Video


“… Godzilla found! Godzilla found! Moving along the seabed toward Tokyo Bay! Evacuate ships in the path as soon as possible!”
“… Tell the whole corps! If Godzilla keeps his current course, landing in the metropolitan area seems desperate. Defeat Godzilla at sea • Do your best to repel! …”
“… This is the Air Corps. All aircraft dispatched semi-completed! …”
“… I repeat. The residents of Koto Ward, Chuo Ward, Minato Ward, and Shinagawa Ward should evacuate promptly according to the instructions of the SDF personnel and police officers!
“… Move the 2nd and 3rd tank corps to Harumi Pier! …”
“… This is Super X. Cadmium warhead re-completed. It will start immediately …”

My•Con Judgment Device Explanation

◉ マイ•コン機能
● 敵の強さを判断し条件入力(4×4の16条件)により戦闘結果をだしてくれる〝アタック〞機構。
● レーダーサーチを行ない敵の所在を判定する〝サーチ〞機構。
● ゴジラの行動や、条件の不利有利等を決定する〝セレクト〞機構などの機能を持ちます。

◉ My•Con function
● “Attack” mechanism that judges the strength of the enemy and outputs the battle result by inputting conditions (16 conditions of 4×4).
● A “search” mechanism that performs radar search to determine the location of an enemy.
● It has functions such as a “select” mechanism that determines Godzilla’s actions and the disadvantages and advantages of conditions.

◉ ランクボタン
◉ セレクトモードボラン
◉ クリアーボタン

◉ Rank button
In battle, use it according to the strength and performance of the offensive side and the defensive side.
◉ Select mode borane
It is used for Godzilla’s action decision in Part 1.
◉ Clear button
Use this when you press the wrong button or want to perform the next operation.

◉ 点灯部分(LED)
◉ 判定結果表示
◉ スイッチ
◉ アタックモードボタン
◉ サーチモードボタン

◉ Lighting part (LED)
◉ Judgment result display
◉ Switch
◉ Attack mode button
Used when attacking an enemy.
◉ Search mode button
It is used when searching for Godzilla and alien bases.

※ お買い上げの時期によって、同一製品の中にも多少の違いがある場合や、パーケージの写真と製品が異なる場合などがありますのでご了承ください。

* Please note that depending on the time of purchase, there may be slight differences within the same product, or the product may differ from the package photo.

Game content


The game is divided into Part 1 (for 1 player) with the theme of Godzilla vs. Self-Defense Forces battle and Part 2 (for 2 or more players) with the theme of the battle between Earth monsters and space monsters. In Part 1, the player must become the SDF commander and protect Tokyo from Godzilla driven by My Con. In Part 2, Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra will be divided into the Earth monster side and King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, the space monster side, and will engage in a deadly battle on an isolated island in the sea. In each game, you can easily judge the battle result by using the My Con Decision device, and you can enjoy a realistic and speedy game.

● 立体ミニチュアコマがは入っています。
● Contains a three-dimensional miniature top.

Battle example

◼ ゴジラ対自衛隊 Godzilla vs. Self-Defense Forces

① ゴジラを攻撃するために自衛隊を配置する。
① Deploy the Self-Defense Forces to attack Godzilla.

② ゴジラを動かすためにセレクトモードブタンを押す。
② Press Select Mode Butane to move Godzilla.
5 lights up: Godzilla moves to the hex on the right front. The tank corps in this Heck’s has been trampled.

③ 自衛隊が攻撃を行う。
③ The Self-Defense Forces attack.
The attack helicopter corps of α and the missile fleet of β are in a position where they can attack.

⑴ まず攻撃ヘリ隊が射撃する。アタックモードボタンを押して準備する。攻撃ヘリ隊の攻撃力は❷だが2機いので合計❹となり、攻撃ランクはⒶ。ランクボタンのⒶを押す。
⑴ First, the attack helicopter corps shoots. Press the attack mode button to prepare. The attack power of the attack helicopter corps is ❷, but since there are two aircraft, the total is ❹, and the attack rank is Ⓐ. Press Ⓐ on the rank button.

⑵ ゴジラの防御ランクⒹを押す。
⑵ Press Godzilla’s defense rank Ⓓ.

⑶ 攻撃!アタックモードボタンを押す。
⑶ Attack! Press the attack mode button.

⑷ 5•6点灯:ゴジラの反撃を受け、攻撃ヘリ隊は撃墜される。
⑷ 5 • 6 lights up: The attack helicopter corps is shot down in response to Godzilla’s counterattack.

⑸ 次にミサイル車隊の攻撃。まずアタックモードボタンを押す。攻撃力は❷だが3隊いるので合計❻となり、攻撃ランクはⒸ。ランクボタンのⒸを押す。
⑸ Next, the missile fleet attacks. First, press the attack mode button. The attack power is ❷, but since there are 3 corps, the total is ❻, and the attack rank is Ⓒ. Press Ⓒ on the rank button.

⑹ ゴジラの防御ランクⒹを押す。
⑹ Press Godzilla’s defense rank Ⓓ.

⑺ 攻撃!アタックモードボタンを押す。
⑺ Attack! Press the attack mode button.

⑻ 全点灯:命中!
⑻ All lights up: Hit!

⑼ ゴジラはダメージ〝1〞を受ける。

◼ 怪獣対怪獣

① まず地球怪獣側が移動する。
⑼ Godzilla takes damage 〝1〞.
Lower the check sheet marker by one rank.

② ラドンがメカゴジラを攻撃する。
⑴ アタックモードボタンを押す。
⑵ ラドンの攻撃力はⒷ。ランクボタンのⒷを押す。
⑶ メカゴジラの防御力はⒶ。ランクボタンのⒶを押す。
⑷ 攻撃!アタックモードボタンを押す。
⑸ 全点灯:攻撃成功!
⑹ メカゴジラはダメージ〝1〞を受け、隣のエリアに後退する。

② Rodan attacks Mechagodzilla.
⑴ Press the attack mode button.
⑵ Rodan attack power is Ⓑ. Press the rank button Ⓑ.
⑶ The defense power of Mechagodzilla is Ⓐ. Press Ⓐ on the rank button.
⑷ Attack! Press the attack mode button.
⑸ All lights: Successful attack!
⑹ Mechagodzilla receives damage 〝1〞 and retreats to the next area.

③ 次に宇宙怪獣側が移動する。
③ Next, the space monster side moves.
King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla invade the area where Rodan is. It becomes a battle state.

④ キングギドラとメカゴジラでラドンを攻撃する。
⑴ アタックモードボタンを押す。
⑵ キングギドラとメカゴジラはどちらも攻撃力はⒹ。ランクボタンのⒹを押す。
⑶ ラドンの防御力はⒷ。ランクボタンのⒷを押す。
⑷ 攻撃!アタックモードボタンを押す。
⑸ 無点灯:効果なし!

④ Attack Rodan with King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla.
⑴ Press the attack mode button.
⑵ Both King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla have Ⓓ attack power. Press Ⓓ on the rank button.
⑶ Rodan’s defense power is Ⓑ. Press the rank button Ⓑ.
⑷ Attack! Press the attack mode button.
⑸ No lighting: No effect!

⑤ ラドンは、次の移動でこのエリアから出るか、移動せずにキングギドラとメカゴジラのどちらかに攻撃をかける、選択できる。

⑤ Rodan can choose to leave this area on the next move or attack either King Ghidorah or Mechagodzilla without moving.

The Godzilla Computer War Game is a hex-based war-game featuring Godzilla and other famous Toho kaiju. It is for one or more players, 8 years old and up. Its content included: One map board, 5 miniature figures (Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, King Ghidorah, and Mechagodzilla), instructions, 6 monster check sheets (cards), 3 check sheets (cards), 45 Self-Defense Forces pieces (chips), 27 check markers and a MyCom electronic decision device.

I love everything about this vintage Bandai Godzilla game, especially the My•Con electronic decision device. It has all the looks of 1980s electronic technology. The fonts are just great! This is a great addition to my collection of Godzilla games as well.