Day 4: Tickets


From my first day in Tokyo until my fourth day my priority was getting tickets for Godzilla Minus One. The tickets didn’t go on sale until two days before the opening day. When tickets went up for sale online I was not able to buy them because of my phone number. But my dear friend came to the rescue and purchased me an online ticket. And I was all set for the earliest showing at 9:30 am on Friday, November 3, at Toho Cinemas Ueno (TOHOシネマズ上野). She also secured our tickets for 3:50 pm Friday afternoon at the 109 Cinemas Premium in Shinjuku (109シネマズレミアム新宿) for the full Square X experience.

My Godzilla Minus One tickets
My Godzilla Minus One tickets for Ueno, Shinjuku and Ikebukoro theaters

Jetlag got me up early but I have to say I was excited too. Then my excitement hit an even higher level when I saw this short Godzilla Minus One segment on tv while resting in my cube. After this I was really ready to start my day and pick up my tickets.

The day before when I went to Ueno, my plan was to get tickets for my third trip to the movie. But I remembered Ikebukuro is where I had to go as I had for my first Godzilla movie, Godzilla vs Space Godzilla, in 1994. I got up early and headed to Ikebukuro again. After a nostalgic walk through Sunshine City burning time waiting for the theater to open, I got tickets for Saturday afternoon for my last viewing on my last day. From there I went to Akihabara to shop at Mandarake, Jungle and Tam Tam and more. As I was about to exit the station, I ran into a popup Godzilla shop featuring Godzilla Minus One merch. My shopping spree was on.

My excitement reached its peak and I couldn’t wait for Friday (Godzilla Day) to come. And Godzilla Minus One did not disappoint.