Making of Godzilla -1.0 Ginza Street


2. Godzilla walking down the main street of Ginza and feeling scared

Crowd running away


① Storyboard by director Yamazaki. ② Previsualization. The surrounding buildings still have temporary fittings installed. ③ Live-action footage of a crowd being chased by Godzilla. The reason why there is a green screen on the right side of the crowd is that in the image of the completed image, the camera first approaches the crowd and takes a horizontal movement shot of them running away, and the Ginza cityscape is in the background. This is for CG synthesis later. ④ Gray model of completed image. It can be seen that the building has been built over a wide area. ⑤ Completed screen with color grading. The movie begins with a moving shot that approaches the fleeing crowd, and then pulls back to create an overhead view that includes Godzilla.