Day 2: Hibiya and Shinjuku


Tuesday was Halloween, my first full day in Tokyo and I took advantage of day two. It was the perfect day to head to my secret Godzilla place that was so appropriate for this year. More about this very special location soon. Godzilla Day was three days away and I figured it was better to take in Hibiya Godzilla Square and Ginza before the crowds assembled. After an hour train ride I took in all the Godzilla sites in Ginza and Hibiya.

Shin Godzilla statue at Hibiya Godzilla Square
Shin Godzilla statue at Hibiya Godzilla Square

First up is Hibiya Godzilla Square. On my way there I took in the famous Yurakucho Mullion (Yurakucho Center Building), home of Toho Cinemas Nichigeki, destroyed by Godzilla in 1954 and 1984. Hibiya Godzilla Square is a must for every Godzilla fan making a trip to Japan. The well-known Shin Godzilla statue looks over the square, Toho Cinema Hibiya and Hibiya Chanter. Chanter features prominently Godzilla Minus One advertisement on the front window with the Godzilla statue on the other side of the entrance doors. When I arrived, Hibiya Center was hosting an exhibit celebrating the 150th anniversary of Ichizo Kobayashi (小林 一三, 1/3/1873–3/25/1957), known for founding the Hankyu Railway, the Takarazuka Revue, and Toho. The Shodai Godzilla statue and autographed movie poster were featured exclusively. Also on hand were scripts for Godzilla (1954) and Godzilla Raids Again (1955). On the lower floor can be found the Toho Star Gallery. Before leaving the Hibiya and Ginza I took a stroll to see the Wako Building which was the Tokyo PX building in the postwar scene in the Godzilla Minus One trailer.

Next stop was Shinjuku to see the Godzilla Head atop Grocery Hotel. When I arrived on the 8th floor of the hotel I was surprised to see the Kiryu suit from the Millennium series. It was beautiful and in great condition. Last March, the Heisei Godzilla suit was featured there. Then I took in the mesmerizing Godzilla Head. Hearing Godzilla roar never gets old. Then I headed to the Godzilla Store to shop for those things I wanted that are not Godzilla Minus One items before the rush.

On my way to get dinner I saw a cool Godzilla Minus One Sakazen ad and commercial on display in a store front. Like day one, my evening was spent taking in all I did on another beautiful day in Japan and planning day three.