The joy of Godzilla movies


The joy of Godzilla movies.

Get ready for Godzilla.

A new shock and roar shakes the Japanese archipelago.

Its name is “Godzilla-1.0”.


This is Godzilla’s legend, created using the latest VFX by Takashi Yamazaki, who has created many popular works including “ALWAYS 3rd Street” and “The Great War of Archimedes.”


70 years have passed since the release of “Godzilla,” and while it is a memorial work, being the 30th film in the series, it is different from any Godzilla movie to date.


What kind of mark will Yamazaki Godzilla try to leave behind? While approaching the full story of “Godzilla-1.0,” we will also talk about Godzilla, who has been loved by people for 70 years, and we will also explore the charm of the “monster movie” genre that Godzilla created.