A Godzilla movie goes back in time



A Godzilla movie that goes back in time and is needed by today’s world.


Many Godzilla films have been produced so far, including Hollywood productions. What kind of Godzilla story do we want to see on screen now? Godzilla-1.0 may be the answer to that question.


Since it was directed by Takashi Yamazaki, I had high expectations for the visuals. However, what unfolded on the screen was a “world” that easily exceeded many people’s expectations. Not only Godzilla itself, but also the attention to detail of the mechanics that appear in it, as well as the scenery of Japan from the 1940s to the post-war period. Even if you look back at the history of Japanese movies, not just Godzilla works, you will be overwhelmed by the images. The experience was like never before.


What about the story and theme? Although Godzilla is a fictional entity, many messages have been embedded in this raging monster in previous works. It is true that director Yamazaki’s thoughts on the fight between Godzilla and humans were conveyed quietly and powerfully this time.


Godzilla-1.0 is an “ideal form” of a movie, in that it maintains the classic style of entertainment while still conveying the director’s will.

Hiroaki Saito