A Day in Paradise


Wonderful Friend

What a great day hanging out with my great friend Yuu-San! She’s always so supportive of me, willing to help me go and find anything related to Godzilla. We met at Kuramae Station around 8:30 am and Oedo Lines where we started the day with breakfast at Mos Burger. Then we headed for an extended hangout at Nakano Broadway. Most stores don’t open until 12 noon so we had a good conversation at Starbucks. Nakano Broadway is even better than ever since my last trip in 2019. There was Godzilla stuff everywhere. I came out with a good variety of collectibles that I will share later. I left some stuff there I might go back and get on Tuesday.

After Nakano Broadway we headed to Mandarake in Shibuya and its famous busy street crossing. I loaded up on books that I had been wanting to buy for a long time but shipping to the U.S. was too much. From there we went to the Godzilla Store in Shinjuku which never disappoints. It is a must visit on every trip. I decided to give Godzilla Store items for gifts to my family and friends. Afterwards, we walked over to Hotel Gracery to enjoy the Heisei Godzilla suit and movie props on display. The detailed and realistic miniatures were just as impressive as Godzilla. We ended the night with the Godzilla Head’s final performance and curtain call at 8 pm.

I concluded my evening meticulously planning my return to Odo Island on Sunday to meet Godzilla at the hill of his first appearance.

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