Great Box Day yesterday with the arrival of the 30cm X-Plus MechaGodzilla 1993 (東宝30㎝シリーズ メカゴジラ) and Defo Real Shin Godzilla 2nd Form (デフォリアル ゴジラ(2016) 第2形態) figures. MechaGodzilla is impressive towering over all other 30cm figures. Beautifully painted and eight points of articulation (head, mouth, arms, elbows, and wrists) make this a great additional to my X-Plus Heisei era figures. There’s no complaint to be made about this incarnation except it would have been great to have the ric version with the removal Garuda. I can easily see a light-up version coming.

X-Plus 30cm MechaGodzilla 1994

Then there’s another great Defo Real Shin Godzilla incarnation to go alongside its older brother. There’s nothing not to love about this one with its beautiful big eyes.

X-Plus Defo Refo Shin Godzilla 2nd From

These are great to have in the collection. Check for availability on AmiAmi.com, Hobby Search Japan, Hobby Link Japan, and Amazon.co.jp.