Toho Produced Godzilla


Produced Toho’s “Godzilla”


Toho will use special photography techniques to create Godzilla, a million-year-old monster. The film is produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka, written by Shigeru Kayama, written by Takeo Murata and Ishirō Honda, directed by Ishirō Honda, special cinematography by Eiji Tsuburaya, Akira Watanabe, and Hiroshi Mukaiyama. Filming will begin in August and is scheduled for release at the end of October. The movie is about Godzilla, who had been living thousands of feet under the sea, and whose living environment was destroyed by a hydrogen bomb test, and then landed in Japan. The humans used all their abilities to defeat this monster, which was about the size of a round building and spewed out radioactivity. It is said to be a spectacular challenge from the air, land, and sea.