Koichi Shikishima and his Halcyon goggles

Through Koichi’s Eyes

Halcyon Vintage Goggles


Koichi Shikishima is a fan-favorite in Godzilla Minus One (2023), played by Japanese actor and child prodigy Ryunosuke Kamiki (神木 隆之介). From the opening until the closing, moviegoers watch the transformation of Koichi from zero to hero. As he evolves so does his wardrobe from kamikaze jumpsuit to stylish motorcycle rider to a focused fighter pilot determined to destroy Godzilla at the cost of his own life. Riding his bike and flying the final flight of his personal war, he donned a pair of cool goggles. These goggles, like a good metaphor, suggest his new outlook on life with Noriko and Akiko that will not be realized unless and until he faces Godzilla. Koichi sees life in post-war Japan through a different set of lenses. And in the movie audiences get to see that world and its challenges through his eyes.

Koichi, goggles and motorbike

Koichi Shikishima with Halcyon Goggles riding his motorbike arrives home.

Interest in Koichi’s Shinden Fighter lead to curiosity about his goggles featured prominently in the Godzilla Minus One program pamphlet. Goggles were a necessity to protect the eyes of flight crews, gunners and navigators from wind, debris and glare. These goggles had eye cushions, soft rubber face pads and leather straps to secure them in place.1 An internet search helped me determine that Koichi was wearing Halcyon Goggles made famous by World War II pilots in the 1940s. Later, they became popular in the 50’s and 60’s in the cafe racer culture. Today, a pair of Halcyon Goggles evoke the nostalgia of that past. With over 70 years of history they are considered “the most quintessential vintage driving goggles for any car, motorcycle or aviation enthusiast.”2

Koichi's goggles

Koichi Shikishima with his brown Halcyon Goggles sitting in his Shinden fighter

After starting his new job aboard the Shinsei Maru, the life quality of Koichi and Noriko materially markedly improved like that of postwar Japan. Koichi arrives home donning his goggles riding his new motorcycle as Noriko holding Akiko greet him is a carefully-created scene and well-established motif used by director Yamaha’s previous films to evoke a deep memories and nostalgia for the past that sets up the crash and fall of Japan when Godzilla arrives. Looking cool and stylish, Koichi’s goggles represented his laser-focused aboard the Shinden fighter on his mission to destroy Godzilla The use of Word War II Halcyon Goggles exemplifies the attention to the details needed to recreate the postwar context in Japan of Godzilla Minus One.

Koichi's goggles

Close inspection of Koichi’s goggles reveals the Halcyon marks on the frame.

Halcyon Goggles are manufactured in Hertfordshire, England, just north of London.3 Each pair of Halcyon Goggles is handcrafted and machined by experts, Halcyon Goggles are made from brass and plated in chrome with leatherwork using the finest leather for the surrounds. The goggles come with UV lenses and meet safety standards. They are quite stylish and look “of a certain age” that never goes out of style. They are designed to fit open face helmets. They are made in low-quantity batches to ensure quality. Their exquisite detail and outstanding craftsmanship have been imitated around the world, but they are second to none.4

Halcyon BS4110 Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

Silver and black Halcyon Goggles

After a surprisingly short internet search, I found an unused pair of Halcyon Goggles very similar to Koichi’s. But they were a black leather pair with highly reflective frames. But after close inspection from available photos Koishi’s pair of goggles appear to be brown leather (matching his jacket) with gray frames. Then I found another pair of goggles that looked perfect except that they tan leather on the inside. In addition, the pair was manufactured by Stadium. According to their history, Halcyon once made metal components exclusively working with Stadium to make parts for Stadium Motorcycle mirrors and their popular MkIII goggles.5 But Stadium began to focus on more profitable business areas and discontinued certain accessories and traditional goggles. Halcyon continued to cover Stadium products directly from their factory. My pair apparently are older than my black Halcyon Goggles. Determined to find a match, I purchased a new pair of brown-leather goggles directly from Halcyon.

Vintage Halcyon/Stadium RAF Type MKVIII Leather Motorcycle Goggles Biker Flying WW2

Vintage Halcyon/Stadium RAF Type MKVIII Leather Motorcycle Goggles Biker Flying WW2 (Stadium imprinted on bottom right frame)

The new pair look almost identical to Koichi’s pair. Both have similar hand-stitching and the same sliding nose bridge for adjusting the size of the goggles. Both appear to have the same markings on the gray frame: “Halcyon” (top right frame), “Made in England” (bottom right), and safety standard “BS 4110” (top left). However, the new pair don’t have “Patent Reg. Design” (bottom left frame) that seems to appear on Koichi’s and clearly visible on my black goggles. My search has been a hit-and-miss search, but successful nonetheless.

Halcyon Classic Mark 8 Service Goggles - Brown Premium Leather
Halcyon Classic Mark 8 Service Goggles - Brown Premium Leather
Halcyon Classic Mark 8 Service Goggles - Brown Premium Leather
Halcyon Classic Mark 8 Service Goggles - Brown Premium Leather
Halcyon box

Halcyon Classic Mark 8 Service Goggles: Brown Premium Leather | Goggle size: 18.5cm Width x 9cm Height | One size fits all: Fully adjustable headband (Lined with silicone strips for extra grip) & suitable for wearing over open-faced helmets | PVC leather facemask: Hand stitched over soft foam for added comfort | Tough polycarbonate lenses: Shatterproof/ scratch resistant and 99.9% UV protected; Meets Safety Institution Standards (BSI – BS4110) | Goggle frames: Silver/grey paint over solid brass frames for the unique, stylish look (Source: Halcyon Classic Parts)

These Halcyon Mark 8 Goggles have silver painted solid brass frames with a soft brown synthetic leather facemark with hand-stitching. The angled lenses are 99% UV-protected polycarbonate treated with a scratch-resistant coating. Pilots wore Mark 8 RAF goggles worn by pilots during World War II. Looking for a piece of Godzilla Minus One get a pair of Halcyon Goggles, new or old, and sees the world through Koichi’s eyes.