The Story of Godzilla’s Birth – Pt 35


The Story of Godzilla's Birth
「ゴジラ誕生語」The Story of Godzilla's Birth by Osamu Yamaguchi

P 79

▲ 和光時計台の鐘の音に反応するゴジラ

▲ Godzilla reacts to the sound of the Wako Clock Tower bell
After making a biting motion, he thought, “What is that?” and touched it with his hand, and the clock tower was supposed to break on its own, but…

▼ 時計台がこわれ、右手に破片が残った

▼ The clock tower was broken and fragments remained on the right hand side.
He couldn’t move his hands the way he wanted, and it felt like he was forcefully tearing it apart. It’s funny how Godzilla’s expression looks like “Huh?”

P 80


However, Nakajima felt sorry for himself. No matter how hard the costume may be, the sculpting staff is sure to do their best to make it the best it can be. If it’s still stiff and difficult to move, the only thing left to do is cover for himself as an actor.


“Haru-san, why are you depressed? You don’t look like yourself.”


Kaimei said and patted Nakajima on the back.


A few days later, the repairs to the Wako Clock Tower were completed. He tried taking pictures again, but this time he failed. The way the clock tower collapsed was unnatural.


The third time is often said to be true, and it was only the third time that the approval was given for the National Diet Building, where Tezuka worked, and the Wako Clock Tower, where Nakajima worked.


If you recreate the scene in the movie where the Wako Clock Tower and the National Diet Building are destroyed, it will roughly look like this:


Godzilla turns the police car into a fireball with incandescent light and moves from the direction of Ginza Owaricho to the side of the Wako Clock Tower.


At that moment, the clock tower struck the 11:00 p.m. time signal. The way Godzilla reacts to the sound of “kang, kang” makes you feel like Godzilla is a creature. After making a biting gesture, Godzilla leans forward and stretches out his arm as if to say, “What?” Then, the clock tower started to fall, making a rumbling sound from its base. The debris destroys the entrance to Ginza subway station, engulfing the people who were there.


After destroying the Wako Clock Tower, Godzilla slowly turns around and heads towards the National Diet Building. The Capitol Building, which was built after much effort, stands out in front of the screen with a realism that makes it hard to believe that it is a miniature building. I wrote before that the central tower and Godzilla are now almost at the same height, but in this screen Godzilla is looking down at the central tower.