Just Days Away


My trip is less than three days away and some cool stuff is happening. I’ll wait to see how it works out but it’s a wonderful opportunity that has been afforded me. I’ll share the situation after Godzilla Day. I’m bursting with excitement as my trip is so close but the time is going by so slowly.

Godzilla Fes 2023

So much is going on. The Tokusatsu DNA Store has popped up in Ikebukuro with select movie props on display. It looks like I will finally get to see some of that marvelous exhibit. I love Ikebukuro, the home of Humax Cinemas which hosted talk shows and screenings with Director Yamazaki over the last several weeks. On Godzilla Day there will be a campaign of movie giveaways. I also love visiting Godzilla places. There will be special Godzilla Minus One event tours to film locations in Ibaraki prefecture from November 3 to January 31, 2024. Many collaborations and events will be held across Japan. I wish I was flying to Haneda Airport for the Haneda vs Godzilla at Terminals 1 and 2 from November 1 to 30. A Godzilla Pop-up Store is coming to LaLaport Toyosu in front of United Cinema, a short train ride to United Cinema where I want to see Minus One on Screen X. On Godzilla Day, an “enshrined beast” Godzilla will be available in the Crane Game. Ichiban Kuji has a line up of Minus One lottery items. There are campaigns at bath houses and blood donation centers. And Godzilla is collaborating with mattresses and Sakazen business wear. Godzilla is everywhere right now in Japan.

Everyday I’m adding to my shopping list. More magazines and books are appearing. The next episode of Godzilla Store TV is on Sunday, October 29, my departure day. So much Minus One merch to acquire. Bring it on!

I’m making my final preparations. My sneakers, insoles, and last minute supplies are on the way. My bags are packed and ready to go. Godzilla is waiting!