The Story of Godzilla’s Birth – Pt 33


The Story of Godzilla's Birth
「ゴジラ誕生語」The Story of Godzilla's Birth by Osamu Yamaguchi

P 75


▲ 銀座の松坂屋ビル方面に向かうゴジラのぞき穴から見える風景は、まさに銀座そのものだった。

▲ The view from the Godzilla peephole towards the Matsuzakaya Building in Ginza was exactly that of Ginza.

▼ 松坂屋ビルの前で倒れたゴジラ平らなコースだが、のぞき穴からは足もとがほとんど見えない。

▼ Godzilla collapsed in front of the Matsuzakaya Building The course is flat, but you can barely see your feet through the peephole.

P 76

松坂屋ビルは、ゴジラが直接破壊することはない。原爆の熱線のような放射能をふくんだ白熱光で炎上してしまうからだ (112ページの写真参照)。ゴジラが街並みを燃やすときはガソリンを使った。ミニチュアセットの床にガソリンを流し、小さな火炎放射器のようなもので火をつける。ボンと爆発 するように燃え上がったので、見ていた中島もおどろいたという。

Godzilla will not directly destroy the Matsuzakaya Building. This is because the incandescent light containing radioactivity, similar to the heat rays from an atomic bomb, causes it to burst into flames (see photo on page 112). When Godzilla set the streets on fire, gasoline was used. Pour gasoline on the floor of the miniature set and set it on fire with something like a small flamethrower. Nakajima, who was watching, was surprised as the flames flared up like an explosion.

しかし、銀座和光ビルの時計台には苦労した。 美術のスタッフが、何日もかけて作り上げた芸術品 てづか だ。うかつなことはできない。中島は準備が整うのを、緊張の面持ちで待っていた。ふと、手塚が こわしてしまった国会議事堂のシーンが脳裏を横切る。

However, we had a difficult time building the clock tower of the Ginza Wako Building. It is a work of art that the art staff spent many days creating. You can’t be careless. Nakajima waited nervously for the preparations to be completed. Suddenly, the scene of the National Diet Building where Tezuka destroyed it flashed through his mind.


“It would be difficult to do the same thing.”


I previously wrote that Tezuka’s second attempt to destroy the Capitol building was again unsuccessful. In parallel with the preparations for the third event, the Ginza set is being prepared.


Preparations for the Wako Clock Tower were completed, and the dim lighting revealed a realistic-looking Ginza. There are 3 cameras.


“This scene has to be a success in one go.”


Nakajima knew how hard the art staff had worked after Tezuka’s failure.


Nakajima glanced at Tsuburaya, wondering when he was going to say, “Enter Godzilla.” However, Tsuburaya was still thinking while looking at the storyboard.


“Hmm, I wonder how we’ll do it.”


After thinking for a while, he finally opened my mouth.