Getting Ready for Japan


I started packing on Saturday. I cleaned out my closet today and pulled out and organized my travel clothes and items. I’m down to just a handful of small items to pack. I ordered last minute items from Amazon. I got the Grid-IT accessory organizer for my daily travel bag. I’m checking my packing list and removing unnecessary items. Less is best and the more organization the better. Reduce the clutter and reduce anxiety and worry. My bags are slimmer and more organized than ever.

My daily travel bag

My backpack is back and I’m five days away from my flight. I’m anxious but also excited. I can’t wait to see the Godzilla Minus One billboards, posters, merchandise and truck. Everyday another Godzilla event takes place, a new promotion is started, and a new product is announced. Godzilla movies will be broadcast on TV. I hope I can see them from my hotel. I’m so ready to be in Tokyo to take it all in. To identify myself to any fellow Godzilla friends on Godzilla Day, I created a MyKaiju backpack. I hope to meet some fellow Godzilla twitter friends from Japan during the trip.

MyKaiju draw-string bag

Yesterday, I added hyperlinks to Google Map directions on my Tokyo travel map. This will make travel more efficient using my iPhone. I love my iPad Mini but it was always a bit too much to pull while getting around town. This morning I decided to try out a passport wallet that will reduce what I carry in my pockets. In Japan, I always carry my passport with my wallet. But adding my phone to my front pockets is just too much bulk. But the passport wallet reduces these item to one, allowing them to remain in my front pocket or to stow them in my travel bag. My bags are almost ready to go. My preflight list of things to go is getting shorter while my list for sightseeing is growing.