The Story of Godzilla’s Birth – Pt 22


The Story of Godzilla's Birth
「ゴジラ誕生語」The Story of Godzilla's Birth by Osamu Yamaguchi

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However, the Tokusatsu members were still perplexed by Tsuburaya’s unexpected ideas.


There was a young man named Yoshio Ishii who was in charge of compositing (in charge of compositing the unexposed parts of live-action images). One day, he heard a cat stroking voice behind Ishii.


“How did you come to the company?”


It was Tsuburaya’s voice. At the time, Ishii was living in Shinjuku, Tokyo. From there he took the train to Seijo Gakuen station on the Odakyu line, where Toho had a studio.


“You know, there’s a bus from Shibuya to Seijo Gakuen.”


“Yes, I know, but what is it?”


Ishii had a bad feeling.


“Starting tomorrow, can you take the bus to work for me? One week is fine.”


Ishii was taken aback.


“That’s right. If you get on the bus, it will take a lot of time.”


“No, it’s better to take your time. You can think that you’re working while you’re on the bus.” Ishii didn’t understand what Tsuburaya meant. As Tsuburaya remained silent, he continued.


“From the window of the bus, look carefully at what’s around you, whether it’s a signboard or a fence along the road.” I still don’t understand. Tsuburaya began to explain by saying, “It can’t be helped.”


“Listen, there are no roads like the ones the artists described. You can only show what you see with your own eyes.”

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Ishii continued to commute by bus for a week as he was told.


“I have been here for a week today.”


“Oh, you’re working hard.”


“Then you can come by train.”


“Hmm, well, take the bus for a while.”


I won’t tell you why. Ishii got a little hungry.


“How long do I have to keep riding!?”


Tsuburaya then lifted the edges of his thick glasses and began to speak slowly.


“A normal fence is peeling off, dripping from the rain, or the color has faded. Describing that change is the real thing. It’s not a fence to say, “This is a fence.” That’s how it is. ”


After saying that, Tsuburaya slowly left Ishii’s side. It took a little more time for Ishii to realize that he had been taught “what is tokusatsu?”


It is said that Ishii later muttered:


“Directors are the kind of people who speak with their sensibilities.”


The making of the set progressed little by little, but there was a lot of hard work behind the scenes.