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「ゴジラ-1.0」完成報告会見の様子。左から監督の山崎貴、キャストの神木隆之介、浜辺美波、製作の市川南。(COPYRIGHT (C) Natasha All Rights Reserved.)
「ゴジラ-1.0」完成報告会見の様子。左から監督の山崎貴、キャストの神木隆之介、浜辺美波、製作の市川南。(COPYRIGHT (C) Natasha All Rights Reserved.)


映画ナタリー9/4(月) 16:59
Movie Natalie 9/4 (Monday) 16:59


A press conference to report the completion of Godzilla’s 70th anniversary work “Godzilla-1.0 (Godzilla Minus One)” was held today at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo on September 4th. Takashi Yamazaki, who was in charge of the production, and Minami Ichikawa, the producer, attended.


[Image] Ryunosuke Kamiki and Minami Hamabe frightened by Godzilla over 2m


The stage of this work is Japan, which has lost everything after the war. Godzilla appears as if to add another blow. Koichi Shikishima, who survived the war but lost his parents, Hamabe played the role of Noriko Oishi, who lived alone in a burnt-out Japan after the war and met Shikishima after the war, Yuki Yamada, Munetaka Aoki, Hidetaka Yoshioka, and Sakura Ando. , Kuranosuke Sasaki also joined the cast.


Ichikawa, who first grabbed the microphone, said, “Seven years have passed since ‘Shin Godzilla’, and a novel Godzilla movie has been completed, which is typical of Yamazaki.” Yamazaki said, “I’ve been wanting to make a Godzilla movie for a long time, and my dream has finally come true.


I’m really happy to be involved in a Godzilla movie, which is the heart of Toho.” Kamiki smiled, “I’m happy to be involved in a Godzilla movie that represents Japan.” Since then, he has been watching over me by my side,” revealing his thoughts on Godzilla.


“Godzilla-1.0”, whose script was elaborated over three years, was filmed from March to June 2022, and after VFX work, the main part was completed at the end of May 2023. The main cast members, Kamiki and Hamabe, are currently co-starring in the ongoing TV novel “Ranman”, but it seems that “Godzilla-1.0” was the first to appear and shoot. Hamabe said, “Around the time we were filming Godzilla, the Asadora talks were finalized. We’ve been on good terms so far.”


When asked about the aim of setting the period to be immediately after the war, Yamazaki said, “Godzilla had the image of a nuclear threat and the shadow of war in the form of a monster. “Godzilla” did that very well, so I thought that if we were to compete, we should do it in this era of the Showa era.” Ichikawa appealed, “I think it’s innovative to create Godzilla in an era when the Self-Defense Forces don’t have weapons or ammunition.”


Kamiki frankly said, “I was surprised” when he received the offer for this work, and said, “Godzilla represents Japan, and everyone knows it. I felt the joy and pressure of being involved in such a work.” “Shikishima was a person who suffered from injuries. Should he inflict the same amount of suffering on himself? I tried various things, and I had dreams of being chased by something every day,” looking back on the time when he faced the role. Hamabe said, “I never thought I would be able to perform. It was like a dream. I was worried, but I made up my mind that I want to put everything I have right now into the performance.”

山崎は、自身の監督作にゴジラをゲスト出演させたことがあり、埼玉・西武園ゆうえんちのアトラクション「ゴジラ・ザ・ライド 大怪獣頂上決戦」では映像監督を務めるなど、ゴジラにゆかりのある人物。彼は「『ゴジラ・ザ・ライド』で5分ほどの作品を作るのもずいぶん大変でした。それと『シン・ゴジラ』は本当に大きな存在で、『次にやる人は大変ですね』と言ったこともあったのですが、ブーメランになって返ってくるとは思わなかった」と笑う。そして「ゴジラ作品を一度はやってみたかった。技術的にも成熟してきた中で、今なら思っていたことがやれるかもしれないと感じたんです。これまで吸収してきた知見、技を惜しみなく注ぎ込んだ作品です」と「ゴジラ-1.0」に言及した。

Yamazaki has made Godzilla a guest appearance in his own directorial work, and is a person related to Godzilla, such as working as a video director for the attraction “Godzilla the Ride Daikaiju Summit Battle” at Seibuen Yuenchi in Saitama. He said, “It was very difficult to make a five-minute work with ‘Godzilla the Ride. I never thought it would come back like a boomerang,” he laughs. And he said, “I wanted to try a Godzilla work once. As the technology matured, I felt that I might be able to do what I thought now. It’s a work that generously pours in the knowledge and techniques that I’ve absorbed so far,” he said, referring to “Godzilla-1.0.”

ひと足早く本編を観た神木は「ゴジラが目の前にいましたね! 自分まで息を潜めてしまうような臨場感があって、恐ろしかったです」と、浜辺は「観るというよりも、体感する感じがあって、迫り来る感覚がありました」と感想を伝える。山崎ならではの演出に関して尋ねられた神木は「状況説明のときに擬音が多かったです(笑)。『ドーン! ガーン! バーン!ってなるんだよ』みたいな。その臨場感がそのまま映画に反映されていました」とにっこり。山崎は「あまりにも壮大なものなので、語彙を失っちゃうんですよね。すぐ近くで身に迫ってくるゴジラを作りたかったんです」と照れ笑いを浮かべ、浜辺はネタバレに気遣いながら「逃げる以外にも『こんなことができるのはゴジラ映画だけだな』という撮影体験をさせていただきました」と懐かしんだ。

Kamiki, who saw the main story a little early, said, “Godzilla was right in front of me! It was so real that even I held my breath, it was terrifying.” There was a sense of looming,” he said. Kamiki, when asked about Yamazaki’s unique performance, said, “There were a lot of onomatopoeias when explaining the situation (laughs). “Boom! Ghan! Burn! It’s like. That sense of realism was reflected in the movie as it was,” he said with a smile. Yamazaki said with a shy smile, “It’s too grand, so I’m at a loss for words. Only a Godzilla movie can do something like this.”

本作は、ラージフォーマット(IMAX、MX4D、4DX、Dolby Cinema)も含めて東宝配給作品最大級となる全国500館以上で公開される。監修を担当した山崎は「劇場へ行くのにふさわしい、“体感する映画”を作ろうと目標を掲げて作ってきました。それぞれのシステムにゴジラ向きの特徴がたくさんあって、『あ、ゴジラがいる』と脳がだまされるような音のすごさも映画に寄与してくれる」と思い入れたっぷりに話した。なお12月1日に北米でも公開され、1000スクリーン以上での上映を予定している。

This work, including large format (IMAX, MX4D, 4DX, Dolby Cinema), will be released in more than 500 theaters nationwide, which is the largest distribution work of Toho. Yamazaki, who was in charge of supervision, said, “I made it with the goal of making a “movie that you can experience” that is suitable for going to the theater. Each system has many features that are suitable for Godzilla’ and the amazing sound that deceives the brain also contributes to the movie.” It will be released in North America on December 1st, and is scheduled to be screened on more than 1,000 screens.


At the end of the film, there was a question, “What are the thoughts, aims, and intentions put into the title ‘Godzilla-1.0’?” Yamazaki said, “-1.0, which means how people will stand up in a miserable situation when Godzilla comes to Japan, which has been in a state of zero since the war, and depicts the era before the first Godzilla. It is also a -1.0. A -1.0 for running up, a -1.0 to withdraw once to decide how to live from here, a -1.0 to lose something, so I hope you can feel various meanings.” closed.


“Godzilla-1.0” will be released nationwide on November 3rd.

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