The Birth of Godzilla


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The Birth of Godzilla


Kenichiro Terasawa

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The dinosaur on Lagos is Godzilla !!!


If you summarize the materials so far, there is a dinosaur on Lagos, and this dinosaurs has back fins, which is characteristic of Godzilla. It is a dinosaur version of Godzilla.


The birth of Godzilla can be explained, considering that the Godzillasaurus experienced the baptism of the bombing of Bravo experiment in 1954 and became a huge or violent atomic monster Godzilla.


Moreover, it is considered that the Godzilla is the G3 type, the G3 type of the National Science Research Center, which appeared in 1984 in Daikoku Island.

なぜなら、今まで日本に上陸したゴジラの体高は五〇メートルだが、このG3タイプは 体高が八〇 ルもある。

This is because Godzilla’s body height has landed in Japan 50 meters, but this G3 type has a height of 80.

What is Godzilla?

ベーリング海で復活し、北海道で最強最悪巨大怪翼三頭邪竜キングギドラを倒し、再び 帝都東京に上陸。メカキングギドラと新都庁前で死闘を演じ、多大な被害を出し、海中に

Revived in the Bailing Sea, defeated the strongest worst giant winged three-headed dragon defeating King Ghidorah in Hokkaido, and landed again in Teito Tokyo. Playing in front of the Mecha King Ghidorah and the Shinto Metropolitan Government, causing a lot of damage, in the sea

Atomic monster Godzilla that disappeared

ゴジラは死んだのか? 再び復活して日本に上陸する可能性はあるのか?

Is Godzilla dead? Is there a possibility that he will be back again and land in Japan?

国立超科学研究センター・ゴジラの三枝未希上史の話しによると、現在、探査衛星に より、その位置は確認され監視がつづけられているが、立った活動は確認されてないそうだ。

According to the National Super Scientific Research Center Godzilla Miki Saegusa, his position has been confirmed and monitoring has been continued, but the activity has not been confirmed.


However, it does not necessarily mean that you will not start your activities tomorrow.

▲ラゴス島のゴジラサウルス (想像図)
Godzillasaurus on Lagos Island (imaginary drawing)

ェントデストロイヤーにより、東 京湾で骨も残さず消滅してしまっ た。この後、東京湾はしばらく生物の棲むことのできない、死の海と化してしまい、東京に対す環境問題は人々の大きな関心をひき、各種環境保護団体が発足し、特に「地球防衛軍」と称する環境保護組織は、現在進行している国家事業、バビロンプロジェクトに対して、ゲリラ的活動行為による、実力行使を売り物とする過激な団体として有名である。

It disappeared without leaving any bones in Tokyo Bay due to the […] Destroyer. After this, Tokyo Bay turned into a sea of death that no life could live in for a while. The so-called environmental protection organization is famous as a radical group that sells the use of force through guerrilla activities against the ongoing national project, the Babylon Project.

話しがゴジラからそれてしまっ たが、大戸島のゴジラは伝説の怪獣であったが、学術的・古生物学的に考察してみると、マーシャル諸島には恐竜(又は巨大爬虫類) が棲息していたと考えられる。 の恐竜が放射能の影響を受け、原

The story has diverted from Godzilla, but Godzilla on Odo Island was a legendary monster, but when considered academically and paleontologically, dinosaurs (or giant reptiles) lived in the Marshall Islands. It is thought that of dinosaurs affected by radiation […]


Godzilla defeated by anti-nuclear energy bacteria

Source: Yoshiyuki @BirthHopeMetor