Short-lived Toho monster movie “Magura!”


Short-lived Toho monster movie “Magura!”


The relationship between Toho and Hayakawa Shobo’s “SF magazine” is old, such as a joint “science fiction contest.” Tomoyuki Tanaka and others were among the judges of the contest, and the slogan was that the winning works would be made into movies, but none of them made it that far.


Mitsuse Ryu’s “Magura!” which was published in the August 1963 special issue of “SF Magazine,” was a promotion that it was based on a movie.


A 100-meter-long monstrous fish appears due to pollution caused by the dumping of nuclear power plants. This monster, which has lungs that allow it to breathe on land and a powerful power-generating organization, is dazzled by the lights of the city and lands in Japan. In the end, the monster is destroyed by a disturbance attack proposed by the hero’s doctor. The development is somewhat reminiscent of “Godzilla”, but the depiction of horror in the work is exquisite, and the criticism of civilization is casually included, so it is a pity that the movie did not see the light of day.

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