Oxygen Destroyer Quotes


Oxygen Destroyer



A chemical that instantly destroys oxygen in water, suffocates all living things, and liquefies them. Dr. Serizawa discovered this unexpected energy while researching oxygen. A shot-put amount can turn into death. How it was first made has remained a mystery forever.

First Appearance: Godzilla (1954)


The first fictional mecha of Toho special effects, and the only weapon that killed Godzilla, King of the Monsters. In the latest work “Godzilla vs. Destoroyah,” its existence is highlighted again.


“This is the No. 1 super weapon! The ultimate weapon that can stop Godzilla’s life!” (Kanagawa Prefecture, Space Godzilla Alien)


“It was the most cruel and terrifying weapon for such a small size.”


“The destructive power to defeat Godzilla is cool” (Hitoshi Tanaka, 10 years old, Ibaraki Prefecture)


“This is probably the greatest weapon in human history.” (Shoichi Ito, 16, Tokushima Prefecture)


“The original super weapon and the ultimate anti-G weapon” (Fukuoka Prefecture, Kazutoyo Maeda, 29 years old)


“You can see the important theme of ‘Godzilla’ in its dual nature of being a symbol of human stupidity and at the very least a conscience.” (Hiroyuki Takayanagi, 33 years old, Shizuoka Prefecture)

「一度は人類を救った兵器だが、デストロイアとして人類を危機にさらす、まさにしっぺ返しの兵器」(福岡県・宮地崇仁15歳)「映画『ゴジラ』のテーマそのもの。怪獣代表がゴジラ、人間代表が芹沢だとすれば、兵器代表はコレしかない」(長野県・お茶とコンブ 17歳)

“It’s a weapon that once saved mankind, but it’s a weapon that puts mankind in danger as Destoroyah.” If it is Serizawa, this is the only weapon representative.” (Nagano Prefecture, Ocha and Kombu, 17 years old)


“I can’t forget Dr. Serizawa standing on the seabed with this” (Gigantis, Okayama Prefecture)


“Godzilla became a legend because it existed!” (Yamaguchi Prefecture, Godzilla Magnificent Guru 17 years old)


“I have nothing to say” (Aichi Prefecture, Atsushi Hayata)


“I want to misuse it…” (Koki Hara, 16 years old, Wakayama Prefecture)

Source: Godzilla Magazine, Vol 8, p 40