Miki too



Of course Miki Saegusa also appears


G-Force and the Self-Defense Forces take countermeasures


As long as Destoroyah’s hometown is Tokyo Bay, the main stage of the story is naturally around it. The site of the World City Expo on the waterfront was chosen as the stage for the final battle between Godzilla and Destoroyah. Although the city fair was canceled due to the decision of Governor Yukio Aoshima, there are many near-futuristic buildings here.


Speaking of the Tokyo Bay coast, it is also the place where the first generation Godzilla landed. Perhaps there will also be a scene reminiscent of the first work “Gojira.”


This time, the intention is to increase the density of the drama, so the stage will be limited to a narrow range as much as possible. That said, some places outside of Tokyo are likely to suffer as well. Among them, the most notable is Godzilla’s first attack on Hong Kong at the beginning.


Godzilla once attacked New York in “Destroy All Monsters” (1996), but this is the first overseas city attack in the VS series. In Hong Kong, which is called a million-dollar night view and filled with 300-meter-class skyscrapers, we have been curious about what kind of rampage Godzilla will show.


Of course, Miki Saegusa (Emi Kodaka), a regular in the VS series, has also decided to appear in six consecutive works. Unfortunately, G-Force’s Shinshiro, whose romance sprang up in the previous work, will not appear this time, and Miki’s private life will not be drawn. Instead, there is a possibility that an unexpected person will appear, so fans should keep an eye on it.


The familiar UN G Countermeasures Center and G Force stand up against Godzilla.


On the other hand, the Self-Defense Forces will defend against Destoroyah. Recently, the Toho Self-Defense Force, which has been robbed of its stock by the United Nations G Countermeasures Center, is expected to be active for the first time in a while.


Also, in the VS series, we are looking forward to the appearance of new superweapons every time, but this time there may be a new amazing mecha.

Source: Godzilla Magazine, Vol 6, p 6