Japan Itinerary



I got up in the middle of night unable to sleep because of excitement. Barely with my eyes open I ordered the last remaining items on my list that included a travel pillow, an iPad case, an additional Under Armour shirt, and black KN95 masks. The situation I’ve been dealing with is resolving well. So far so good. It’s time for me to begin prepping my iPad with all my needed travel documents. In addition, I need to drill down on my itinerary down to the hour of each day.

When I arrive at Haneda Airport it will be late. But I need to pick up my JR Rail Pass and WiFi hotspot. I need to charge up my Plasmo card for my ride to MyCUBE by MYSTAYS in Asakusa. Before I turn in for the night I will pick up food from 7-Eleven.

My first full day in Japan will be spent traveling on the Shinkansen to Nagoya, where I will check-in at my hotel. Immediately after, I will start my “Nagoya Walk” to Osu Kannon Temple to check out Mandarake, Jungle, Volks, Kids Line and more. Later, I will walk to the seminary and my old apartment and shop at the local market for evening snacks. I will have spaghetti dinner at Miami Garden in Nagoya Station, where I’ll check out Nana-chan’s latest outfit. The next morning, I will head to my first secret destination. Later in the afternoon and early evening I will head back to Tokyo. If my strength doesn’t fail me I will go shopping in Akihabara.

I will spend the next day and a half in Tokyo checking out new and familiar shops. I will shop at Nakano Broadway and make a trip to Gojira-ya. On Sunday morning, I will attend the MacCleod event at Tokyo Metropolitan Industry and Trade Center Taito Building, only a 15-minute walk from my hotel. From there I will head to Osaka, check-in and head to Nipponbashi Denden Town for some late evening shopping. Later I will go to Tsutenkaku tower and check it out again in the morning. I can never find it but this time I will. The next day I will go shopping at the Godzilla Store. Later that afternoon I will head to my next secret location. Later that night I will take the bullet train back to Tokyo. My final day in Japan and Tokyo will be spent going to as many places my body will allow. I would like to go to Ikebukuro, Toho Studios, the Godzilla Store and Hotel Gracery and Hibiya Square. God willing in seven days Japan here I come!

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