How MechaGodzilla is built


造形した安丸信行氏は「手首はスコップの持ち手みたいに中で握る構造で、回したり捻ったりできたんだ」と作りを回想するが、 破李拳氏が入った際は浅く手を入れる 手袋式だったという。 補修の際に、改造または新造されたのかもしれない。

Mr. Nobuyuki Yasumaru, who modeled it, recalls making it, “The wrist has a structure that can be gripped inside like a handle of a shovel, and I could turn and twist it.” It was a ceremony. It may have been remodeled or newly built during the repair.

倉庫には、怪獣神 ・テラインコグニータの頭があった!

In the warehouse, there was the head of the monster god, Terrain Cognita!

頭はヘルメットなし、 当時はアンノ監督みたいな髪してた。

He had no helmet on his head and had hair like Director Anno at that time.

スリット から 見る
Seen from the slit

手に指は 入らない 入らない
Can’t put the fingers in the hands

Around the shoulder

Hanging trousers type lower body like Chibira-kun.

There was nothing to stop the upper and lower body.

ヒモで 長グツを上げる
There was nothing to stop the upper and lower body.

装甲の裏は 布張りやドンゴロスで 補強され頑強!

The back of the armor is reinforced with upholstery and dungarees​ and is sturdy!

The feet are long

イラスト ●破李拳竜
Illustration ● Hurricane Ryu

The day after Mechagodzilla

Source: 昭和メカゴジラ, p 139

Chibira-kun (チビラくん Chibira-kun) is a children’s show created by Tsuburaya Productions. It was broadcast from 30 March 1970 to 25 September 1971, every Monday to Saturday from 8:05 to 8:20. All 78 episodes have been broadcast in the format on Nippon TV.

“Find the Phantom Monster Terrain Cognita” (Look for the Illusionary Kaiju Terrain Cognita) is a manga work by Reijiro Kato.