About Odo Island


大戸島災害陳情団【おおどじまさいがいちんじょうだん】 [組]『ゴジラ』

Odo Island Disaster Petition Group [Odo Island Masaiga Ichijodan] [Group] “Godzilla”

ゴジラ最初の上陸によって被害を受けた大戸島島民による陳情団。村長の稲田に率いられた新吉らのメンバーが国会議事堂を訪れた。国会の公聴会における彼らの証言と陳情 によって、大戸島災害調査団が結成されることになる。

A petition group by the Odo Island islanders who were damaged by Godzilla’s first landing. Members of Shinkichi and others, led by the village mayor Inada, visited the Diet Building. Their testimony and petition at the hearing of the Diet will form the Odo Island Disaster Investigation Team.


Odo Island God Music [Odoji no Kagura] “Assembly” “Godzilla”

近海に呉爾羅という怪物が棲むと信じられていた大戸島では、不漁の続くときは、若い娘を生贄にして沖へ流すという風習が、かつて存在していた。現代では生贄を流すようなことはないが、その際におこなわれていた神楽だけは、厄払いの儀式として受け継がれて いる。

On Odo Island, where it was believed that a monster called Gojira lived in the sea, there used to be a custom of sacrificing a young girl and letting her go offshore when unfishing continued. In modern times, there is no sacrifice, but only the kagura performed at that time has been handed down as a ritual of warding off evil spirits.

大戸島の古老【おおどじまのころう】 [人] (演:高堂国典)『ゴジラ』

Elder of Odo Island [Odojima no Koro] [Person] (act: Kokuten Kodo) “Godzilla”


An old fisherman who continues to believe in the legend of Gojira on Odo Island, even though he is ridiculed by young islanders. He told Hagiwara reporter of the newspaper every morning from Tokyo about the legend of Gojira. After that, when the Odo Island Disaster Investigation Team visited, he could not be seen, so it is probable that he died when Godzilla first landed.

Source: ゴジラ大辞典, p 59