Holy Beasts Protectors of the Country Legend


Holy Beasts Protectors of the Country Legend


A book compiled by the folklorist Isayama, who has been researching the three sacred beasts sealed by the ancient dynasty. It is believed that the book was published before 1954, and Takeda gave one copy to Yuri. Kobayakawa of the defense force also seems to be familiar with the content.

Ishigura [Stone Buddha]


It is a simple statue made of stone, confirmed at Mt. Myoko, Lake Ikeda, and the shrine at Mt. Fuji’s Sea of Trees.

Stone disc


A piece of stone found by Yuri at See of Trees Shrine, part of Ghidorah’s stone storehouse. Yuri has a hunch that Isayama left her there, and she carries it around. It gives power to Ghidorah, who fights Godzilla on the bottom of Yokohama Bay, and triggers “Yuragi [tremors].”

Source: ゴジラ&東宝特撮 Official Mook Vol. 07, p 23