The Story of Godzilla’s Birth – Pt 11


The Story of Godzilla's Birth
「ゴジラ誕生語」The Story of Godzilla's Birth by Osamu Yamaguchi

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Strange movie?


Kayama’s original was completed in about 10 days. Based on that, screenwriter Takeo Murata and new director Ishiro Honda worked on the scenario.


When the scenario was completed in June, a “pictorial sketch” (storyboard) was created by part-time students led by Akira Watanabe, an artist (in charge of designing sets, miniatures, monsters, etc.). This is a pictorial depiction of a movie scene, introduced by Iwao Mori, who visited Hollywood, and was used for the first time in “The Eagle of the Pacific” (directed by Ishiro Honda) the previous year.


In “Godzilla,” more than 300 cuts of storyboards were drawn, and Tanaka, Honda, Tsuburaya and the other staff put them up, explained the contents, added examinations, and tried to unify the image. Mori, who heard the explanation, said, “There is no question of success.” The storyboards were also a great help in wiping out production waste and setting the stage.


In parallel with the creation of the original story and scenario, the modeling design of Godzilla was also advanced.


The first person to ask for the design was the popular manga artist Wassuke Abe. Abe had previously drawn illustrations for Kayama’s adventure novels. It was recommended by Kayama, who liked the painting very much. When Matsushita from the Literature Club went to ask for a request, Abe said things like “smoothly” in front of him.

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▲ 絵コンテの例左のシーン番号139Aには「芝浦付近バリバリと鉄条網に手をかける」、右の145には「芝浦付近熱線をはきながら建物をふみ倒す」というメモ書きがある。

Storyboard example Scene number 139A on the left has a memo that reads, “Take down a building while blowing heat rays near Shibaura.”

▼ 絵コンテを張り出し、検討するスタッフ腰に手を当て、奥で見ているのが田中友幸プロデューサー。

Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka is watching from the back, with his hand on the waist of the staff members examining the storyboard.