Great Anatomy of Godzilla 2001



Shinji Nishikawa’s Great Anatomy of Godzilla

今回のゴジラは、正統派スタイルでありながら、 オカルティックな存在だ。白目が印象に残るゴジラを解する。

This Godzilla is an orthodox style, but also an occult existence. Understand the impressive white eyes of Godzilla.

ゴジラ・モスラ・キングギドラ 大怪獣総攻撃』ゴジラ(2001)

Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah Giant Monsters All-Out Attack Godzilla (2001)

White eyes without eyes that can be said to be synonymous with this Godzilla.


The ears are only holes, and there are no ear shells.


The neck is angled forward.


The dorsal fin rises when the heat rays are emitted.


A powerful tail that knocks back Baragon and Mothra with a single blow.


Extremely thick soles to make him taller.


The first toe, which is the thumb, is short and does not touch the ground.


The thumb nails are particularly large and the outer fingers are smaller.


A hole was made in his body by a rock drill, and the heat rays that he was about to spew out.


The teeth in the back are split and small teeth are growing on the side.


The pattern of the mold on the body surface differs depending on the part.


Under the direction of Shusuke Kaneko, this work, which was produced differently from the Heisei series so far, has unprecedented settings and modeling of Godzilla. The occult setting and the appearance of “white eyes” suitable for it have become a hot topic, and it has become a personality that symbolizes this Godzilla.


At the end of the movie, Godzilla explodes, but the heart left at the bottom of the sea begins to beat again.

Godzilla created by human hatred

本作でのゴジラは、戦争で死んだ人間の残留思念の集合体ともいわれ、人間を意識的に狙って殺戮し、他の怪獣に対してもいたぶるように徹底的に攻撃するなど、単に凶暴というだけでなく、悪意や残虐 さを感じさせる唯一ともいえるゴジラで、戦争や災害のメタファーとしてのゴジラとは異質の恐怖を見る者に与える。

Godzilla in this work is said to be a collection of residual thoughts of humans who died in the war, and it is simply ferocious, such as intentionally targeting and killing humans and thoroughly attacking other monsters. Not only that, it is the only Godzilla that makes you feel malice and cruelty, giving viewers a different kind of fear than Godzilla as a metaphor for war and disaster.

一方で全体のフォルムは正統派のゴジラといえる もので、さらに恐竜的な解釈も加えつつ生物的な柔軟な動きを見せる。

On the other hand, the overall form can be said to be an orthodox Godzilla, and while adding a dinosaur-like interpretation, it shows flexible biological movements.


Fuyuki Shinada, who worked on Biollante and Godzillasaurus, designed and modeled Godzilla with exquisite modeling that gives you a strong sense of both the inanimate feeling of a vengeful spirit and the vividness of a living creature.