Great Anatomy of Godzilla 1995


Shinji Nishikawa’s Great Anatomy of Godzilla

リトルゴジラとともに姿を消したゴジラが、真っ赤な姿で戻ってきた。 今までとは全く違う様相のゴジラを徹底解剖する。

Godzilla, who disappeared with Little Godzilla, has returned in bright red. We will thoroughly dissect Godzilla, which has a completely different aspect than before.

「ゴジラVSデストロイア』 ゴジラ (1995)
“Godzilla vs. Destoroyah” Godzilla (1995)


Illuminated eyes create a strong visual power.


Carbon dioxide blowing out from the whole body expresses high temperature steam.


The heat rays are always red and have tremendous power.


A large number of electric decorations were embedded in the whole body, mainly on the chest, abdomen, shoulders, thighs, and dorsal fins.


In the end, the rise in body temperature melts the dorsal fin, which is very shocking.


The suit is a modification of the previous work, and the basic form remains the same.


In addition to the weight of the suit itself, the performance of dragging a large number of cables and hoses is Kenpachiro Satsuma’s last and greatest achievement.


Godzilla’s final moments, when his whole body melts away, were expressed with a close-up head made of wax and a full-body CGI.

「ゴジラ死す」 という衝撃的なコピーで話題となった本作。ゴジラの姿もこれまでにない大きな変化を見せ、全身が赤く発光した“バーニングゴジラ”は見る者に大きなインパクトを与えた。スーツも多数の電球と炭酸ガスの噴射機構を内蔵した大掛かりでヘビー級のものとなった。

This work became a hot topic with the shocking copy of “Godzilla dies.” Godzilla’s appearance also showed a big change like never before, and “Burning Godzilla,” whose whole body glowed red, had a big impact on the viewers. The suit also became a large and heavyweight one with many built-in light bulbs and a carbon dioxide injection mechanism.

Impact unique to analog

バーニングゴジラのインパクトは絶大で、他のあらりょうが ゆる要素を凌駕して本作を象徴するビジュアルイメージになったと言ってもいいだろう。当初は合 成による発光を重ねることが考えられていたが、かわきた スーツの仕上がりを見た川北監督は、その生の迫力が勝ると判断して余計な加工を見送ったという。現実離れしたイメージをスーツという実在のみで表現したことによる有無を言わさぬ説得力は、まさにアナログ特撮の醍醐味である。

The impact of Burning Godzilla is enormous, and it can be said that it surpasses all other elements and has become a visual image that symbolizes this work. At first, it was considered to overlap the light emission by synthesis, but after seeing the finish of his dry suit, Director Kawakita decided that the raw power was superior and decided to forego the unnecessary processing. The irresistible persuasive power of expressing a surreal image only with the real existence of a suit is exactly the real pleasure of analog special effects.

この全身を灼熱化させたイメージは、ゴジラの究極の強化形態として、 アニメ『GODZILLA 決戦機動増殖都市』やレジェンダリーの「KING OF THE MONSTERS』など、その後の作品にも引用されていく。

This image of burning the whole body will be quoted in subsequent works such as the anime “GODZILLA Decisive Mobile Proliferation City” and the legendary “KING OF THE MONSTERS” as Godzilla’s ultimate enhanced form.