Godzilla vs Gamera Dream Showdown!


ゴジラ vs ガメラ
Godzilla vs Gamera

Dream Showdown!!!


If Godzilla and Gamera fight… I imagined such a dream match!!

①「ゴジラです!! ゴジラが現れました——」

“It’s Godzilla!! Godzilla has appeared-“


Godzilla suddenly appeared in Tokyo Bay.


Godzilla smashed the Rainbow Bridge with a single step and started walking towards the city center. People running away. The missiles of the Self-Defense Forces were also completely useless. At that time, a huge object flew from the sky and hit Godzilla.


That object is actually Gamera, who has awakened from a long sleep.

怒りの雄叫びを上げるゴジラ。火炎放射を吐くゴジラに、ガメラも火炎噴射で応戦する。両者の力はまったく互角だ! 本能的にライバルと見たゴジラとガメラの死闘は続いた―。

Godzilla lets out an angry roar. Gamera responds with flame spray to Godzilla spewing flame radiation. The powers of the two are evenly matched! Godzilla and Gamera, who instinctively see themselves as rivals, continue their battle to the death.


Godzilla and Gamera came to Korakuen amusement park while entangled. There were children who escaped. Gamera then stopped attacking, put his hands and feet in his shell, and flew away into the sky. Perhaps Godzilla understood Gamera’s will, and he left for the sea.

Source: ゴジラvsオール怪獣!!, Gakken, p 70