“Godzilla” speaks at his alma mater


“Godzilla” speaks at his alma mater

Actor Kenpachiro Satsuma’s body language

Takaono/Euchi Elementary School


Godzilla, the world-famous star of the Japanese film industry, has landed in Takaono-cho, Izumi-gun. Kenpachiro-san, an actor from the same town, […] is included in the costume.


The Tokyo resident was infected on the night of the 20th at his alma mater, Euchi Elementary School.


Thoughts of death inside a suit weighing over 200 kg


Training in Jigen-ryu Kenpo to move quickly


Mr. Satsuma graduated from Euchi Elementary and Junior High School and made his debut as Hedorah in “Godzilla vs. Hedorah” in 1971, and has continued to play Godzilla since 1984, making seven films in total.


This lecture was planned by the elementary and junior high school PTAs of his alma mater as a joint educational event, and when I asked him to do so, he was happy to oblige.


The venue, Enai Elementary School Gymnasium, was filled with cute junior ‘s parents. After the making of the movie video was shown, Satsuma took the stage and spoke on the theme of “Godzilla and Life.”


He gave a funny introduction to how he became an actor and how he got into monsters. “We approached the project with the intention of making it not ‘Godzilla’s Satsuma,’ but ‘Satsuma’s Godzilla.’ But it’s difficult to express emotions,” he said, talking about his struggles as an actor whose face cannot be seen. He also talked about hidden anecdotes related to the movie, such as how he felt like dying in the suit that weighed over 200 kilograms, and how he trained in Jigen-ryu swordsmanship to be able to move quickly.


The lecture included body language, and even without the suit, you could feel the atmosphere of Godzilla.



Mr. Satsuma talks about his experience as a Godzilla actor using body language.