Godzilla known all over the world




“King of the Monsters Godzilla” made the name “Godzilla” known all over the world. Here is another Godzilla world


Godzilla movies have been screened in every country to date and are gaining popularity. This so-called “overseas version” has been edited to make it easier for the people of that country to understand, but from a Japanese point of view, it also gives us a sense of wonder. Among them, the overseas version of the first work “Godzilla,” “Godzilla King of the Monsters” is a work that gives a shock (?) to the viewer.


First of all, we masked what was standard size when it was released in Japan and made it cinemascope size. As a result, the human head, Godzilla’s head, and sometimes even the face protrude from the frame. It may have been a means taken to make it powerful, but it may have been a bit of a miscalculation (the overseas version video that is currently out is the standard).


In terms of story, overseas correspondent journalist Steve Martin, played by Raymond Burr, explains as if he were watching a documentary. What is amazing here is the original performer and his co-star scene. It is filmed and inserted using cutbacks and look-alikes (?) such as Hirata and Takarada, and you can see the hardships of “Bruce Lee/Game of Death” (1978, Toho Towa). Furthermore, from the other additional scenes, we can understand how Americans viewed Japanese people at the time, and we can see the social conditions.


Also, just as the first work “Godzilla” in Japan is connected to “Godzilla” in 1984, the overseas version also shows a connection. In the overseas version of “Godzilla 1985” in 1984, the scene of the Pentagon in the United States was additionally shot, and a living witness, Steve Martin, was called as an advisor.


Only a few are covered here. If you have the chance, please take a look and see for yourself that “Godzilla of Japan” is “Godzilla of the world.”


Starring Raymond Burr

Godzilla became the fear of the world

It’s a scene unique to the overseas version, but it’s incorporated well

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