Godzilla II


The production announcement is not yet …

Godzilla II


What are the most special effects movies that are the most attracting fans now? A variety of movies are flowing from overseas for the New Year, but the Japanese film world seems to be unknown. Under such circumstances, there will be no fans who have recently recruited plots from fans and announced results nationwide on October 25th.


Make the story of a full-fledged special effects movie with your own hands. And that is that “Gojira” movie. Hot fans nationwide have sent 5,225 plots. It was said to have extended to all prefectures except Okinawa. The final selection of 5,255, including four members, including the special selection committee members, Osamu Tezuka, Chiaki Kawamata, Baku Yumemakura, and Mitsuji Ishigami, will be final selection. It was done.


However, there was a message from the Toho side that the announcement was delayed due to the total number of applications that exceeded the forecast. Well, what kind of story was this time? It is said to be divided into three as a whole.

① ゴジラを兵器とみなして、第三者が、ゴジラをコントロールしようとするパターン。ヒットラーや狂人科学者、宇宙人、米ソ等々・・・・・。

(1) A pattern in which Godzilla is regarded as a weapon, and a third party tries to control Godzilla. Hitlers, mad scientists, aliens, US, etc. …


(2) A good thing that is familiar, giving out Godzilla. (3) A pattern in which clone Godzilla will appear with the development of recent genetic engineering in place of the former nuclear fear.



Honorable work and quasi -handy work. From the right, Kogure, Ota, Asuka, Agawa, Sato, Kobayashi.