First challenge to “Godzilla”


First challenge to “Godzilla”
Tenzu Reikasha

大森一樹監督が、日本特撮映画の“王者”、ゴジラ・シリーズに初挑戦する。十六日公開の東宝「ゴジラ VSビオランテ」(大分東宝ロキシー 別府セントラルー)。五年ぶりの登場で、シリーズ十七作目になる。

Director Kazuki Omori takes on the challenge of the Godzilla series, the “king” of Japanese special effects films. Toho “Godzilla vs Biollante” released on the 16th (Oita Toho Roxy Beppu Central). It will be the 17th work in the series after the first appearance in five years.

「正月映画は好きです。 本の表紙みたいなものだから」

“I like New Year movies because they are like book covers.”

「恋する女たち」「〝さよなら”の女たち」、そして「ゴジラー」と、この四年間に三本の東宝正月映画を任されている。三十七歳、監督としては若いが、映画界の堂々たる主力バッター だ。

In the past four years, I have been entrusted with three Toho New Year movies, “Women in Love,” “Women of Sayonara,” and “Godzilla.” He is 37 years old, young as a director, but he is a majestic main hitter in the movie world.


“Art films are easy. Entertainment films are the hardest,” he says. “In art films, you talk about what you see in your mind, and people who don’t understand it are to blame.


Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka, who established the entertainment movie tradition and is also the creator of Godzilla, invited me to direct his latest work. “I was happy.”

「誤った科学が人間を破 滅に導く、というのが田中さんのテーマ。これまで、やろうとしてできなかったことを、ちゃんとやってあげたい」

“Mr. Tanaka’s theme is that erroneous science leads to the destruction of mankind. I want to do what I have been unable to do until now.”


This time, it is Biollante who fights against Godzilla. It is a plant monster created by biotechnology in an era where “a lot of wrong science is coming out”.

撮影を終えて、「映画は 体力で作ると思っていたが、こんなに頭を使うとは」との心境だ。川北紘一特撮監督との共同作業。

After finishing filming, I thought I would use my physical strength to make a movie, but I didn’t know that I would use my brain so much.” Collaborative work with special effects director Koichi Kawakita.

正月映画は、SFX大作 洋画に話題が集まっている。ここは三十五年の歴史を持つゴジラの正念場。「現 実感あふれる戦争映画」と言う、“特撮日本代表”の暴れぶりを期待したい。

New Year’s movies are attracting attention for SFX epics and foreign films. This is the critical moment of Godzilla with a history of 35 years. I would like to expect the rampage of the “special effects Japan representative,” which is said to be a “realistic war movie.”

Pull quotes

“Entertainment movies are the hardest”

37 years old, now a main hitter in the movie world


Directed by Kazuki Omori

A scene from “Godzilla vs. Biollante”