Inoue Arts



Inoue Arts
(Mr. Masao Inoue)

3-3-7 Takitani, Nagata Ward, Kobe City
078 (521) 4454


Masao Inoue of Inoue Arts, who is often called the best in Japan (or rather, the world) when it comes to Godzilla modeling, lives in his home in Nagata Ward, Kobe City. The atelier is a prefab built in the garden.


With a skinhead and a 175cm tall body, he deserves the name of “Godzilla Artist.” Recently, even the way he walks and his eyes have become similar to Godzilla. No, it’s scary even if it’s an occupational disease.

井上さんは、昭和29年、奇しくも「ゴジラ」誕生の年に生まれた。 お兄さんに連れられて尼崎東宝で 観た「キングコング対ゴジラ」に 強烈なインパクトを受けたという。それが後々まで尾を引いて、氏の 中でどんどん増殖していったよう だ。十代の頃は独学でシュールリアリズム的な油絵や彫刻を制作していたが、その後、単車とサーフィンに没頭。たび重なる骨折事故の末、ついに入院となった。そしその時に聞いた伊福部昭や佐藤勝の音楽が氏を再び忘れかけていた世界に引きもどしてくれたといる。

Mr. Inoue was born in 1954, the year when “Godzilla” was born. He said that he had a strong impact on him when he saw “King Kong vs. Godzilla” at Amagasaki Toho with his older brother. It seems that it continued to grow in his mind until later. In his teens, he was self-taught in surrealist oil paintings and sculptures, before immersing himself in motorcycles and surfing. He was finally hospitalized after a series of fractures. It is said that the music of Akira Ifukube and Masaru Sato that he listened to at that time brought him back to the world he had almost forgotten.

現在、氏の作品は高価であるにもかかわらず、各地方の熱心なフアンからの注文の電話が殺到していて、発送にも大いそがしの状態だ。氏は「今さら何でゴジラなんでしょうねェ」と首をかしげている。最近はあえてゴジラを避けて「サンダ対ガイラ」の組みポーズやモスラの幼虫と東京タワーのセットなどを発表。過去のゴジラ作品も全て絶版。しかし、イノウエアーツのファンとゴジラファンの方に特報。今年の12月までに、氏のゴジラ造形の決定版とも言うべき、ゴジラが電車をくわえたあの有名なポーズを、さらに生頼範義 氏のイラストからもインスパイアされたイメージを脹らませて発表 するとの事。もちろん、前方にゴジラの吐く放射能でドロドロに溶けた国会議事堂があるのは言うまでもない。これはかなり恐い”ゴジラになりそうだ。

Currently, despite the fact that his works are expensive, he is inundated with phone calls from enthusiastic fans from all over the world, and he is in a rush to ship them. “I wonder why it’s Godzilla now,” he said, tilting his head. Recently, he dared to avoid Godzilla and announced a pose of “Sanda vs. Gaira” and a set of Mothra’s larva and Tokyo Tower. His past Godzilla works are all out of print. However, special news for fans of Inoue Arts and Godzilla fans. By December of this year, he plans to announce the definitive version of his Godzilla modeling, the famous pose of Godzilla holding a train, and an expanded image inspired by Mr. Noriyoshi Orai’s illustrations. Of course, it goes without saying that in front of us is the National Diet Building, which has been melted into mush by the radiation that Godzilla spews. This is going to be a pretty scary “Godzilla.

ただゴジラの造形にかけては日本一(というより世界一)との呼び声の高いイノウエアーツの井上雅夫 さんは、神戸市長田区のご自宅に 住む。アトリエは庭に建てられたプレハブである。


▲ モスラの巨大モデルを持った井上さん

Mr. Inoue holding a huge model of Mothra

▲ 初代アンギラスの巨大モデルを製作 中のスナップ。すでに芸術家だ

A snapshot of the production of a giant model of the first Anguirus. Already an artist.

▼ バラゴン、モスゴジの巨大モデル

Baragon, giant model of MosuGoji

Source: The Declaration of Godzilla (JICC, p 141)