King Ghidorah 2nd Generation


キングギドラ (2代目=第2個体) [生]

King Ghidorah (2nd generation = 2nd individual) [Raw]

『対ガイガン』 『流星人間ゾーン』 翼長: 150m 体重:3万t 最大飛行速 度:マッハ3武器:引力光線

“vs Gigan” and “Meteor Man Zone”
Wing span: 150m
Weight: 30,000 Tons Maximum
Flight Speed: Mach 3
Weapons: Gravity rays


Although it is the same as physique and weapons, the second generation King Ghidora is said to be inferior to the first generation due to agility and fighting power. In “Gigan,” he was manipulated by the M Space Hunter Aliens and attacked the earth with Gigan. He began to destroy Tokyo, but was repelled by Godzilla and Anguillas rushing from the Monster Island.

『流星人間ゾーン(第5話/キングギドラをむかえ撃て!、第6話/キングギドラの大逆 襲)』では、地球侵略を狙うガロガの手先となって地球を襲うが、ゾーンファイターによって金星に追いやられ、激戦の末、敗れ去っている。なお、宇宙空間はマッハ400で飛行する。

In the “Meteor Man Zone (Episode 5/King Ghidorah Best! Episode 6/King Ghidorah’s Great Reverse Right),” he attacks the earth as Garoga’s hands aiming for the Earth’s invasion, but the Zone Fighter is chased by Venus. After a fierce battle, he has lost. In addition, outer space flies at Mach 400.



The Institute for Cosmic Defense, which is also the predecessor of the Japanese Branch of the Department, was established with Dr. Yamane, who was once active in the countermeasures headquarters when Godzilla appeared in Tokyo. Muramatsu was in the space experimental team here and served as an assistant in Yamane. Many of the members of the Corps are excellent special teams selected from strict selections, pulled out of such space development plans, or have been trained in specialized and special training.